peter saville england kit

the england football team have a new home kit (already?!), that features the same 'tailored by umbro' design style as the previous home and away kits, as well as the previously posted about 'umbro world champions' kits. the difference this time however, is that they include a pattern designed by graphic designer peter saville.

i like it! it remains simple, which is what i liked about the previous kits, and i like the repeating st george's cross pattern. the below text is from umbro and peter saville.

the new fabric print on the shoulder panels of the home shirt is inspired by an increasingly diverse england. made up of different interpretations of the classic st george’s cross symbol, the pattern is displayed through the repetition of four different coloured crosses that are evocative of the basting stitches synonymous with bespoke tailoring

the traditional red cross is still present alongside blue and green ones, which are colours present in the official england team crest. these have been joined by a purple cross, a blend of all the three previous colours to accentuate diversity. the conceptual change visually reflects modern england in a noticeable step forward from the current all white kit.

both the nation and the fans themselves are more diverse than ever before – whether that’s differences in politics, religion, ethnicity, fashions, music and art.  the landscape of england has shifted dramatically over the past couple of decades and we are now one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. football is a language that everyone can relate to and the new england home kit provides the perfect canvas to reflect what england looks like today. the reality of modern england is expressed in this pattern as it reclaims the st george’s cross to positively represent our contemporary society.

below is a short video of peter talking a bit about it, but you can find more at the umbro blog.

via designboom