water bobble


i've been away in canada and america the last two weeks, so apologise for the lack of posts.

a gift i received while i was there was the water bobble, something i'd heard and read a little bit about and was very intrigued by. designed by karim rashid, it is a reusable water bottle that filters tap water as you drink it.

i'm a firm believer in refilling bottles from the tap (i have already blogged about how great sigg bottles are), and if you need a bit more convincing just head to the story of bottled water site (from the people that brought us the story of stuff). the problem some people have is that they don't trust tap water, and are hesitant to refill a bottle from one, and this is where the bobble comes in.

the bobble costs about £10 (or about $15), which itself is not a huge investment to have to make. the filter will last for about 300 bottle fills, and a replacement filter costs about £5, so you would be making a huge saving by getting one of these instead of a new bottle of water every day.

it saves you money, it saves the environment, and it looks great too! it comes in 6 colours (see below), and they've just released a kids version too.


thanks again sophie!