databar xxs review

i was able to get hold of a 'databar xxs' usb from the nice people at freecom this weekend. the first thing to say might be the most obvious given the name: this thing is tiny! it measures just 3cm x 1.2cm, and while this has got to be one of it's best features, i think it means some people are going to have to be a bit careful with it!

if you're the kind of person that keeps their usb sticks on their keyring with their keys, then it is great, as it really is as small as a usb can be. but if you don't keep it on a keyring (like me), then it could be very easy to misplace. it comes supplied with a keyring and attachment (which you can see above), but then if you attach this it is no longer a small usb, it becomes quite big!

this isn't really a major negative though, as it is still a very neat little thing. i do like things being as minimal and functional as possible, and even though mine will now stay shackled to a keyring, at least there are no wasted materials or pointless decoration.

i've been using the same usb stick for (at least) a couple of years now, and have taken for granted the speed at which files transfer. i havn't really thought about the fact that a couple years is a long time in technology terms, and the databar is (for me, at least) pretty fast! transferring files seems at least twice as quick as what i'm used to. i don't really know much about megabytes-per-second but this is certainly a welcome change.

the databar is waterproof, and being almost flat i'd say it would be pretty immune from accidental damage in any way. it comes in 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32gb, with prices ranging from just under £10 up to about £50 for the largest capacity.

while i am a fan of the odd novelty usb (see here and here), for something that for many has become an essential work tool, the databar xxs definitely gets my approval!