lacie core 4

i find myself needing a usb hub, and assumed i'd find a cheap, simple one somewhere. but then i was on the industrial facility website, and noticed that they had designed a hub for lacie. i've mentioned both industrial facility and lacie a few times before (i am still after the iamakey, which can be seen in the below image), so it was a safe bet that i'd like the latest collaboration (the last being the little disk).

the core 4 hub is a simple little portable box, with 4 usb inputs and two outputs, useful not only for connecting multiple devices to your computer but so you can charge all your devices at once too, an important thing now that so many gadgets charge from a usb port.

the key point though is price; as nice as it is, i wouldn't have wanted to pay too much for it. a quick search revealed that you can get one for under £10 at certain places, and never much more. a bargain, i'd say. a lot of usb hubs are overly 'decorative', they have too much going on when all i really want is something as discreet as possible (with the exception of the usb ship). this is just that, stylish and simple.

there is also a core 7 hub, for those of you with even more usb needs!