field notes dry transfer i like having a little notebook at hand, to get down any sketches, notes or ideas i might have. i like them simple, and usually go for a moleskine kraft cahier.

field notes are a favourite of some other designers i know, and are very similar to the kraft moleskines. if anything, it is the words 'FIELD NOTES' on the front that makes me go for the plain covered moleskines, however their latest editions, the dry transfer editions, look to solve this for me, in a neat, official looking but very personal way.

Relive the golden age of graphic arts and command the power of 36-point Futura Bold using our FN-11 Dry Transfer Kit and the FN-11B Application Template. Kern and align carefully for the authentic FIELD NOTES look, or go crazy with “creativity” and make the damn thing look like a Bay City Rollers fanzine. No one can stop you.

worried about lining the letters up in a perfect straight line? the below video shows you how:

via it'snicethat