freecom usb clip review

i did a post about six months ago and another post a few months before that, about a usb paper clip, which aimed to merge the ‘digital office’ with the ‘paper office’. the design had won the prestigious red dot award, and i really liked the concept.

well, the nice people at freecom have sent me one to review, and i have to say, it is just as good as i thought it would be! the usb is tiny, only slightly larger than the databar xxs i recently had the chance to review. like the databar, it comes in 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32gb, but whereas the xxs usb was so small it needed a keyring to avoid misplacing it, the usb clip just slips on the end of your notebook, or wallet, or anything you want!

it's aim to merge the digital and paper offices works well. i can easily see it being used well attached to a business card, with a digital portfolio stored inside. or attached to a printed portfolio, with video or moving image graphics stored.

it is a neat little thing, whose concept and design i will continue to recommend. available from freecom directly or other places too, they cost between £10 and £50 for the varying storage sizes.