hembakat är bäst and the art of cooking

http://www.notcot.com/images/2010/09/ikeafood0.jpg last year ikea launched a cookbook called 'hembakat är bäst' (homemade is best), which contained 30 recipes, broken down by their ingredients, which were then displayed in lovely ways (see images below, or see them all here). these were (apparently) given away for free at swedish ikea's, and are very hard to find!



the book, by forsman & bodenfors with photos by carl kleiner,  has since gone on to be nominated for the 2011 brit insurance design of the year awards, winning the graphics category.

since then they have collaborated again to make 'the art of cooking' series. below is my favourite, which is also quite relevant as it was pancake day last week. this is only one of ten videos, all of which i found via notcot, and can be see at carl kleiner's vimeo. check them out of you can, they are great!