freecom mobile drive mg review

having already taken a look at their usb clip and databar xxs, the nice people at freecom have sent me their mobile drive mg to have a look at. this 320gb hard drive is designed specifically to go with the new line of apple macs, with a magnesium enclosure which is both lightweight and strong, as well as matching products like the macbook air and imac perfectly.

prior to this, my external hard-drive of choice was the lacie little disk, a very simple black cuboid with an integrated cable, that was quite anonymous on the desk. the anonymity of it was one of the reasons i liked it so much, and it is for this reason that i like the mobile drive mg too.

sitting next to my mac, it blends in rather than stands out, doing it's job without distracting too much. it's super thin, especially for a 320gb unit, and runs with no fuss at all.

with the lacie little disk, the usb cable is integrated, which is a bonus for saving a bit of space, but not always great if the back of the computer is out of reach. the mobile drive mg has an external cable, which run's at the new usb 3.0 standard. the mac i'm using at the moment doesen't have a usb 3.0 port, so this is something i'd like to find out more about, but even transferring files on usb 2.0 is very quick.

one other little bonus is that it runs out of my mac keyboard, something not many other hard drives seem to like. all in all, convenient, discreet, and functional, exactly what i look for in a hard drive.

the drives are available from 320gb all the way up to 1.5tb, which is unbelievable for a unit so small! prices range from €109 - €219.