foldboat i think the foldboat, by max frommeld and arno mathies, is brilliant. a single person boat, made from one sheet of p.e. plastic, that is quick and easy to put together and transport. there are two foldboats, boat 1 and boat 2 (pictured).

Foldboat ‘Boat 1' is made from a single sheet of P.E. plastic and folds into an easy to carry pack measuring 1m,50 by 60cm; this allows it to be easy to store and transport.

Boat 2 does not fold into a transport pack and instead remains in a flat sheet of 2m50 x 1m50. Boat 2 is a simplified model of Boat 1 and can be put together in 2minutes alone using only 3 components.

if i didn't already have a canoe i'd have to get one of these! the oars for the foldboat are made of solid ash and p.e. plastic cut from the same sheet as the boat. the other great thing about these are the pillows, which provide comfort as well as acting as a floating device.