the future mapping company

whilst at the east london design show a couple of weeks ago, i saw the works of the future mapping company. i have seen a couple of them before, and they always blow me away.

i'm a big fan of maps, and the level of detail, combined with the graphics and print quality make these ones highly desirable. they do world maps (above), uk maps, and london maps (below), all of which look great.

what i also like about the world maps are the projections, which are not the standard mercator projection most people are used to. the above map is an equal area projection, which shows the accurate area, whilst slightly sacrificing shape. it can be a bit confusing as it is impossible to flatten a sphere, so neither representation is exactly correct, but it is interesting to see how certain places are much larger or smaller than you imagine from the projection we are used to seeing.

there are others too, they are all worth checking out on the future mapping company's site, with prices starting from £25.