onb. collection

the onb. bag and case collection is a three-way collaboration between nendo, porter (yoshida kaban) and products planning agency 'real produce'. the collection consists of five items: an A3-sized portfolio case, A4 and A5 sized file and computer cases, an A5-sized organizer cover and a pencil case, based on the idea of ‘a designer’s work tools’.

i like it in a similar way to the unit portables bags i recently posted about, in that it is a modular system that all works well together, as well as being very pared-down.

The portfolio case folds down to A4 size for easy carrying after presentations, and can be carried three ways: by hand, from the shoulder or slung around the back. Users can add a piece of thin board to the outside pocket to increase rigidity and keep files from becoming bent. Similarly, an internal pocket in the A4- and A5-sized file cases can accommodate both foam padding and thin board, allowing users to customize the cases’ weight and degree of cushioning to suit their computer and peripheral equipment. The pen case is easily attached to the inside and outside of the larger cases to keep it from disappearing into the bag’s depths, and for easy access, so that users can carry the fewest number of pens and pencils possible, rather than having multiple pens in both the case and an organizer. The collection’s name, onb., is both a contraction of ‘original nendo bag’ and a reference to the word ‘onbu’, which means ‘piggyback’ in Japanese.

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