this is the 'presso' espresso maker. this award winning machine uses no electricity itself to create the perfect espresso, using only hot water from a kettle and mechanical leverage.

We wanted to bring to the world the simplest espresso coffee maker. Espresso has been around for nearly a century and requires two very important things to extract a great drink. Pressure and water that is around 90 degrees centigrade. If the water is boiling then the coffee will taste bitter.

Stove top coffee makers are really simple but do not fulfill these 2 requirements. We figured what could be more simple than using hot water from your existing kettle and using mechanical leverage to provide pressure.

it's a very elegant looking thing, and has got many great reviews for what it does. compared to the high end electrical machines, it may fall a little short for espresso perfectionists. but for a much simpler eco-friendly product, it seems very good value. they cost £80, direct from presso.