bluelounge milo review

the last couple of weeks i've been trying out bluelounge's new smartphone stand, 'milo'. designed to work with any smooth-backed smartphone, it uses a hi-tec japanese micro-suction technology to directly grip your phone at any desired angle. the micro-suction pad is reusable, easily cleaned, and will not leave any residues on your devices or tabletop, as the below video shows.

like other bluelounge products, it's a very simple thing, and does what it's designed to do with minimal decoration. it's hard to imagine before you use it just how the suction pad works, and i'm still trying to get my head around it now. you push your phone onto the front with the smallest amount of effort, and it is fixed there really securely. i tried shaking it about upside down for quite a while and it still held strong!

to get it off you simply 'peel' the phone away from the surface, again with minimal effort. it's easy to clean too, you can do so using a piece of sellotape and it's as good as new again.

i found it especially good when using the phone for video calls; it sits at a nice angle and means you don't have to hold your phone out in front of you. it also has a suction pad on the bottom, so if you flip it round you can attach it to the inside of a car windscreen, and it is a great mount for you phone when driving.

it's not something that everyone will need of course, but it's a nice little thing for what it is. simple, functional, versatile, and only €16.