freecom mobile drive xxs leather review

for the last few weeks i've been trying out another of freecom's mobile hard drives, the xxs leather. like their other products, it is very simple, and very small for it's capacity. measuring only 11.3 x 8.6 x 1 cm and weighing 155g, it certainly won't bulk out your bag or clutter up your desk.

previous mobile hard drives i have looked at (such as the mobile drive mg or the lacie little disk) have been designed to blend in next to the computer or laptop rather than stand out, to do their job without being distracting.

this one, however, is a bit more decorative than the others. it's by no means a major distraction, it is still a simple little thing, but with it's form fitting leather sleeve with orange stitch detail their site claims it is "particularly aimed at business executives".

what it does do well is blend in with some of the other mainstays of my bag or pockets: a wallet and a moleskine notebook, and i'm hoping it will only look better with time. available in 320gb up to 640gb from €89, it's very small and very good value, and running on usb3.0 it's pretty fast too!