unit portables review

i recently posted about unit portables, the swedish-designed bag system made up of a number of units that you combine to create your perfect storage solution. i was eager to try the bags out to see if they were as good as they looked, and they really haven't disappointed.

the modularity of the system is it's greatest strength; once you've got your larger items in the main unit (unit01) you can then fill the smaller ones with various things for different situations and mix and match.

the first thing i noticed was that unit01 was larger than it looked in the photo's i'd seen. what i hadn't realised though is that it folds in half, the top part neatly slipping into a pocket at the back. this makes a lot of sense when using it, and makes it much more usable when wearing it whilst cycling.

even when folded in half, you can easily fit a laptop into the padded zip-up compartment inside, as well as an a4 folder and a few other little things. one thing i look for in bags is that they don't look overly full or bulging, and this is something the unit portables do well. even with a good few things inside it looks quite flat, and remains comfortable.

when not folded, the unit is then large enough to fit in a lot of things, be it your laptop and a larger folder or a bagful of shopping. it can still be worn on your shoulder with the adjustable strap, or there is a handle in the top which feels comfortable to use.

the smaller units attach to the front of the bag relatively easily whilst still feeling secure, and in the matching colours it's hard to tell their even separate things, so well do they blend in. i filled unit02 with my laptop and mobile chargers, and unit03 with my bike repair tools.

it is this that sets the units aside from other similar bags. yes, they look good, but being able to mix and match things is a real advantage if you often find yourself swapping things in and out of your bag. when going out on the bike, i attached the unit with the bike bits in. when not cycling, i simply unbutton it and leave it a home, a neat little pouch ready to be re-attached later. the same goes for the laptop and mobile chargers, and anything else you could want to put in.

these are great bags, and you can get them direct from unit portables, prices starting at €79.