knog straight jacket review

knog are well known for their brightly-coloured rubber-cased bike lights, two of which i've posted about before. as well as the lights, they also do a range of bicycle accessories, all with the same brightly-coloured, fun aesthetic. bike tools, bags, gloves, clothing and other accessories, as well as the ever important bike lock.

they do cable locks, u-locks and a couple of other lower security locks, but the one i got to look at was the straight jacket. they come in white, pink and green (pictured), and retail for around £20 in the uk.

chain locks can often look a bit cumbersome. the loops look heavy, and the sleeves are usually in a dark material that reinforces the idea that they should be for motorbikes. while this gives you the feeling they are secure, it often puts me off wanting to carry one around.

these locks look a lot nicer. the 800mm chain is made of hardened steel in a kevlar sleeve, and comes with a 50mm brass padlock hidden within a plastic case. it looks good and feels secure.

it isn't too long, so you do have to think about where you will loop it around your bike, but the advantage this has is that it keeps the weight down. at 1.4kg, it's not too heavy to put in a backpack. in fact, if it was a couple of loops longer i'd be able to cycle with it round my waist.

overall, a good looking lock at a good price. i can't say it's more secure than it's competitors, but it definitely looks better!