sigg wide-mouth bottle

being a big fan of sigg bottles i was delighted to be able to review some of their newer products. i've had a classic traveller bottle for a while now and have found it great for all kinds of activities. one things that had caught my eye on their site recently was the addition of the wide-mouth bottles.

there are three main benefits i've found with this bottle over the standard top: firstly, it's much easier to clean. being able to get inside and scrub is a big advantage and makes life a lot easier. secondly, it's easier to fill fast. you can run a tap into it and not have to worry about not spilling it. the reverse of this is that it's quick to empty, be it to replace the contents or just quench your thirst.

another important advantage is being able to put ice cubes in. these bottles aren't insulated like some bottles, and after a few hours in the sun can warm up. i've often tried to crush ice into smaller pieces to fit in my other bottle, but with this one it's much simpler.

available in a whole range of colours in 0.75ml, 1.0l and 1.5l sizes, prices range from £22 - 26 on the sigg site, i can highly recommend them!

during my research i also found this excellent 'making-of' video, which is definitely worth watching.