freecom hard drive sq review

freecom's 'hard drive sq' is another addition to their range of simple, well designed external hard drives. featuring a rounded square body and coming in sizes between 1tb and 3tb, it is designed to look unique among other similar products.

what i like about other freecom products i've looked at is that their simplicity allows them to blend in on a desktop, which is exactly what i want from them. what's great about this design compared to similar products is that as well as the nice simple shape, it has only one button on the front, and one power and one usb port in the back.

another feature is that if your tv or settop box supports usb recording and/or playback, you can connect the hard drive sq to your tv, which could be very useful for some users. the whole hard drive measures 16x16x3cm, and it's sata drive is both quiet and low-power-consuming. the port is usb3.0 but it is compatible with usb2.0. prices range from between £99 and £199 for 1tb, 2tb and 3tb models, direct from freecom.