urbanears bagis review

last week i had a look at the urbanears plattan headphones, and this week i'm looking at their entry level in-ear earphones, the bagis. they come in urbanears' ever-changing range of colours, pictured is the indigo variation.

as with their bigger brother's, the bagis' come neatly packaged, with simple graphics and layout, and really stand out on the shelf among other similarly priced earphones. also like the plattan's, they feature a fabric cord on the main length, which i found much less likely to get tangled up compared to all-plastic alternatives.

like the plattan's, there is an in-line microphone and remote, which is compatible with most popular phones and audio players. this is a useful addition, and while you can't control the volume like you can with apple headphones, it is nice and simply designed, and doesn't distract or get in the way.

another nice feature is the 'snap-construction', allowing you to wear them round your neck when not using them. again, this is a very simple addition, but it feels secure and does not affect comfort when wearing them.

the bagis' retail for £25 direct from urbanears, and as with their other products i think it's a great price for what they are. some people don't find in-ear headphones that comfortable so if this is the case then perhaps best to try one of their other designs, but among other similarly priced competitors these look and feel a lot better designed, and are great value.