urbanears plattan review

urbanears headphones and earphones look great, but i wanted to know if they performed well too. pared down design, carefully chosen colours, and a good choice of materials make them stand out among similarly prices headphones.

i've mentioned before with other products how important well designed packaging is, and the packaging for these are impressive from the start. simple, clear, compact and neat, it's seems amazing that they'll fit inside such a small box.

the 'plattan' is their on-ear model, and look like a classic headphone. the fabric cable matches the headband, which coupled with the padded ear-cups make them quite comfortable. the length is easily adjusted and should fit a wide range of head sizes.

the ear-cups fold up into the headband to make a much more compact unit, which is really useful for storing them away or in a bag (and how they fit into the box).

there is an in-line microphone and remote, which is compatible with most popular phones and audio players. this is a useful addition, and while you can't control the volume like you can with apple headphones, it is nice and simply designed, and doesn't distract or get in the way.

another nice little feature is the 'zoundplug' (below), which allows you to plug another headphone jack straight into the plattans, allowing someone else to listen to what you're listening to. it's a small addition that doesn't interfere with the overall design but which some users will find really useful.

the plattans retail for around £50, direct from urbanears. some colours stay with the collection while others come and go, so it's worth checking their site to see the available range. they will not rival the high end headphones for sound quality, but for this price they function well, feel comfortable and look great.