freecom xxs mobile drive 3.0 review

a couple of years ago i posted about the cls mobile dive, designed by silvain willenz. the drives were very simple, with the unique feature being the integrated labelling system. unfortunately the cls drive was discontinued, but it it's place is freecom's xxs mobile drive 3.0.

a simple cuboid form, it measures 109.8 x 79.5 x 13.5 mm and has a rubberized cover which both looks and feels nice to hold. it has a usb 3.0 interface for high speed transfers but is also downwards compatible with usb 2.0.

while my favourite feature of the old cls drive was the labelling system, one nice thing i did notice about this drive is that you can fit a standard dymo label along the side for easy labelling. it fits almost a little too perfectly!

available in 500mb and 1tb storage sizes, with prices ranging from €109 to €139 from freecom.