sigg active top review

sigg have added to their range of bottles with the new active-top range. sigg are well known for their classic aluminium bottles with a simple threaded cap. there are only two components, so it's very hard for anything to go wrong. it was with this in mind that i was a bit worried about the new active top.

the last product from them i looked at was their aluminium box, which was a great product designed with the same simple, well built ethos as the bottles. the new active top looks great, but was the "State-of-the-art engineering with pressure relief valve and pre-ventilation" going to be a move too far away?

i needn't have worried. the new top is a great innovation, well designed and easy to use. while unscrewing a standard sigg cap can be an awkward thing when doing activities like cycling, with this bottle you can just grab it and start drinking. the cap has a rubber bite valve, similar to those found on camelbak bags, which is simple to use.

this could have been a complicated system, especially when it comes to cleaning (something of an issue with some camelbak bags), but the whole bottle comes apart into seven pieces. easy to clean, and easy to assemble again, great!

the bottles come in 0.4l, 0.6l, 0.75l and 1l sizes, in a range of colours and designs. prices range from £16 to £22, which is great value for money i think. see the range and buy at