unit portables weekend bag review

the latest in unit portables range of modular storage solutions is this weekend bag, which i've been lucky enough to try out. i've previously posted about their bags before, with a review of their units 01-04, bags i found really useful and well designed. they were well made, well thought out, came in a great choice of colours and featured some really nice details.

the weekend bag sticks to the same design ethos. the original units featured a main shoulder bag, with smaller pouches which you could add and remove and move around as you needed. the weekend bag comes with a mesh travel pouch, a laptop sleeve and cable bag (units 05, 06, 07 and 08 respectively), which can be left loose or connected up as you wish.

the bag is a decent size, just right for a weekend away. once again the main strength is the modularity. the most obvious benefit with the travel pouch is that it can be securely connected to the outside of the bag, saving you the hassle of rooting through the main bag at customs to get out your toiletries.

you might see the design as quite plain but this is really what i like about these bags. they aren't over the top but feel like a quality product. as well as the material choices, the small fabric tags marking each unit and the larger labels on the main bag and laptop sleeve really add to the feeling of quality.

the bags cost €99 from unit portables, and for that you'll get unit's 05, 06, 07 and 08. perfect for staying organised when travelling. available in black, beige, navy, green and russet.