knog blinder 4v review

knog's blinder lights which i reviewed a few months ago were their most impressive cycling lights to date. the packaging was well thought out and minimal, as was the design of the light itself. it was usb rechargeable which is a huge bonus, and while i got a few comments about the awkwardness of attaching it to certain computers i'd argue it's not an issue if you have a decent usb extender.

another thing i liked about the blinders was that essentially the front and back light had the same design, a simple rounded square body. but for those that like their rear light to be a bit more streamlined down the seatpost, knog have come out with the blinder 4v.

once again, the form is simple, the main body is a rounded rectangle with all four lights in a row. and again the material choices really make it feel like a quality product. the attachment is made from uv-resistant silicone rubber, a material now synonymous with knog, with a steel buckle for securing the light to your bike. the electronics are held in a strong polycarbonate housing with an anodized aluminium front, housing the surface-mounted led's.

the on/off button is a bit smaller than the original blinder due to the rectangular form of the light, but it is still simple to turn on and off, and has a small led to tell you when the power is running low or when the battery has been fully charged.

the led's give off 44 lumens of light, it's optimized optics focus and direct a smooth beam pattern that makes them visible over 800 metres. there are five dfferent modes (steady, fast flash,organic flash 1, organic flash 2 and eco flash) and a burn time of up to 3-hours in constant beam and up to 50-hours in eco-flash mode. as i've mentioned, being able to charge these via usb is real advantage over battery-powered lights, and worth the extra cost in the long run.

the blinder 4v is available from knog for $44.95 (about £30 from selected retailers in the uk), and comes in eight different colour options.