libratone zipp

earlier in the year i was able to get a hands-on look at the 'live' speaker from libratone. after a bit of setting up i found it to be quite simple to use, and it sounded great. at the time there were two speakers available, the 'lounge' for home use, and the 'live' for more portable sound, however the 'live' was still quite a hefty thing.

their latest offering, the 'zipp', aims to solve the setting up and portability issues in one go. it has a leather handle for carrying it around, and weighs in at 1.8kg (about a quarter of the weight of the 'live' speaker). it also features playdirect, a feature which creates a direct wi-fi connection between your speaker and any compatible device, making it possible to stream your audio without the need for an in-home wi-fi connection. wireless straight out of the box, a feature i hope they add to the other two speakers designs.

featuring the same patented fullroom sound and coming in a selection of changeable italian wool covers, it looks like a nice addition to the range.

via designboom