freitag tote modern

freitag have released a lot of great new products in the last year, including the 'alan' wallet, the f60 bag which attaches to your bike handlebars, and the f85 laptop cases i got the chance to review hands on.

the latest addition to the range are the 'tote modern' bags. the f90, f91, f92 and f93 range from £70 to £105 in order of size, and come in freitag's infinitely unique range of colours and patterns. a simple bag that does nothing more than you'd expect it to, but looks great and will be super strong as well as waterproof due to it's material qualities.

At FREITAG, we try to avoid stupidity. So when we developed the new TOTE MODERN bags, our motto was «Keep It Simple and Sophisticated». That still translates into the proverbial K.I.S.S., so all is well in the land of eloquence. Keeping it K.I.S.S. of course was hard work, but now they're here: Simply perfect. Four heroines of reduction and daily simplicity. With an immense portfolio of practical purposes.