knog blinder 1 review

IMG_2014 (edit)

the blinder 1 is the latest design from knog, a smaller brother to the blinder and blinder 4v lights which i have previously taken a look at. whereas the 4 and 4v lights could be described as medium-to-high power headlights, the blinder 1's are more commuter lights, there to help you be seen.

much like the knog frog (the knog product you are mostly likely to have seen), these lights have a single LED which give off 20 lumens at the front and 11 lumens at the back. while this won't light up a country road at night it will make you visible to others, and comes with five different light modes.

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the key things that set the blinders apart are the combination of multiple materials used (as opposed to a single piece silicone light) and the usb rechargeable batteries. the combination of polycarbonate for the lens and housing and silicone for the strap make for a robust but flexible feeling product. whereas the blinder 4 and 4v lights have a stainless steel latch the blinder 1 has an identical one made of polycarbonate, which i'm sure is just as tough for this purpose, but does not feel quite as nice as it's bigger brothers.

the usb recharging feature once again is one of the best things about this light. it is so much easier to be able to hook them up to the computer during the day and have them fully charged for the cycle home. no worrying about batteries being replaced, the only thing you may need to do is get a usb extender.

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as well as the skull and crossbones design shown here, there are many other designs available as well as a simple, plain one, all in a range of nice colours to match your bike. the blinders cost $29.95 each direct from knog, or $54.95 for a set of two.