'tea off' kettle design competition

i saw this today on designboom.

'Sponsored by World Kitchen, LLC, Endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America'
'The heritage of tea is laden with ritual and meaning that dates back thousands of years and spans the globe.'

the website has details of how to enter and what you need to be eligible etc, but it is open until the 26th january 2009, and prizes are $5000.

link to competiton page

swarovski crystal vision competition

i thought i'd better start writing these down...

from designboom:

'you should explore the properties of this unique material and challenge people's perception of how crystal can be used in the near future.
come up with new products and ideas to fill the new SWAROVSKI concept store: · what role could crystal play in an urban lifestyle and make you feel better? · how feminine and sensual can crystal pieces be and make you feel more beautiful?
we are looking for innovative product concepts that might be based on pure crystal or fuse crystal with new materials or functions.
please note: the products should be 'packageable' that means they should be able to be sold over the counter - so do not think about crystal furniture, a crystal city or a crystal car... see SWAROVSKI's current product range and brand focus at swarovski.com'
' the designers of 3 winning entries will be granted with cash prize awards : - first prize Euro 4000 - second prize Euro 3000 - third prize Euro 2000
winning entries and a selection of the works sent in will be promoted by SWAROVSKI internationally in exhibitions and events
and as always… designboom will publish an exhaustive results report.'

there's loads more information here, which is also where you register etc.