the decanter

i came across this video today. entitled 'design story: the decanter', it shows the design process of walter landor and associates designing a decanter in their studio in the 1960s.

the amount of work involved from start to finish is amazing to see, bearing in mind they had no computers then. all the drawings are done by hand, and all the research done without the use of the internet. the model making is brilliant too, with so much skill involved. this film is definitely worth finding 15 minutes to watch.

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for anyone who doesn't know, i am now a guest blogger on tomslisteningto, the blog that updates you on "What (Tom's) listening to and why you should (or shouldn't) do the same."

i'll be updating readers on the design side of music (or some of it, anyway). some posts may be recycled ones from here (like the recent post on grrp), but there will be a lot of original content too. you can check out my two first posts here and here.

i hope you enjoy!

design on ebay sorry for the lack of posts recently. to make up for it i'll give you a tip: search for design on ebay! unconventional, i know, and you've got to be clever about it too. i often type in the name of famous designers or designs and see what comes up, and if you do it right, you can find some great things very cheap!

for example, below is the pxr-5 watch, designed by michael young. you can get these for about £80-90 at the design museum or from twentytwentyone. it featured in one of my first ever blog posts (here), and i think it's a great looking watch.

what i like to do every so often is type in the name of certain designers, manufacturers or designs, and see what comes up. if you type in popular ones, then there are often a lot of items (not all good) and the demand is high, which therefore means price is high. type in dieter rams for example, and lots of his famous braun designs will come up, and they will all cost you a lot. similarly for other well known designers.

but if you type in slightly more obscure things, you can often find some great items. the watch is one example. i typed in michael young, and this came up. £20, no bids, brand new, 2 days left.

get searching!

offcut design this weekend i took part in the 'super christmas market' at somerset house in london (which i will write another post on soon). i met lots of other great designers, aswell as some i already knew. an example of which is offcut design, which is a collaboration between michael harris and gemma gourlay, both product design graduates from ravensbourne.

OFFCUT design Formica rulers

using offcuts of different hardwoods and laminates they create limited runs of laser cut rulers (above), jewellery (below), and door wedges.

the designs are all really colourful and original, my personal favourites being the door wedges (below). the only hard decision with these is which section of the protractor to get!

check out their website, which has more pictures of their products, and look out for them at the next design mart!

link to offcut design

muji award [03]

the third annual muji award happened over the summer. the winning entries are all products that are not only amazingly simple but also amazingly clever. i love muji stuff (see my post on the naoto fukasawa cd player here), and all of the winning entries would fit perfectly into their range.

the winner was the straw straws by yuki iida (above), which are exactly what you think they are. my favourite, however, is the 'precise stapler' by joonhyun kim (below). again, so simple yet so clever!

there are many more great designs, at the links below.

link to designboom article

link to muji award site

MY penguin

i previously did a post on 'my penguin' (here), a set of books available from penguin that come with plain front covers which you then do yourself (or not, if you wish). above is my cover for alice in wonderland which i did for my brother (who first showed them to me).

on the my penguin website they have a gellery of covers done by other people who have bought them. below are just a few of my favourites, of which there are many.

it is a great idea, and i still highly recommend them!

link to my penguin

'tea off' kettle design competition

i saw this today on designboom.

'Sponsored by World Kitchen, LLC, Endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America'
'The heritage of tea is laden with ritual and meaning that dates back thousands of years and spans the globe.'

the website has details of how to enter and what you need to be eligible etc, but it is open until the 26th january 2009, and prizes are $5000.

link to competiton page

cool looking products i don't need above is the korg nanoseries; 3 usb devices to attach to the computer for use by musicians or sound engineers/designers and such. the set is made up of nanoKey, the nanoPad and the nanoKontrol, all of which are very small (320mm across) and very cool looking.

Three of a kind: which nanoSeries device is right for you?

the problem with things like this though are that i have no need for them at all. but at (only) £49 each, i find myself really wanting to get them! luckily my housemate is a sound designer, so hopefully he'll get one.

the original review has the series placed next to lots of random items so you can see how small they really are, the image below being my favourite.

link to musicradar original article

wood by ten

this week i have been helping out with the 'wood by ten' exhibition at 100% design. below are the products that they will be showing. wood-at-100-designtomoko.jpg










from the top:

'frame bird-feeder' by nina tolstrup, 'transport lamp' by tomoko azumi, 'candleholder' by stephen bretland, 'dumper-truck' by sam johnson, 'writers block' by chris jackson, 'wedge racer' by gitta gschwendtner, 'the animals of whittling wood' door wedges and coat hooks by carl clerkin, 'donut coat hook' by michael marriot, 'do not lose me' by hector serrano.

'TEN is a group of ten designers who collaborate once a year to create products that take a responsible approach to design that offers a timely antidote to society’s high levels of consumption and throw-away culture.'
'In 2008 TEN wanted to produce something real, affordable and accessible in order to move their vision from a conceptual framework, as shown in 10 TEN X in 2006 and TEN AGAIN in 2007, to reality. The result is WOOD.'

the overall theme is sustainability, and it is well worth seeing if you are going to 100% design. once the show is over, i'll hopefully be able to put up some photos of the stand and describe it a bit more. but for now, here are the products!

100% design runs from 18-21 september 2008 at earls court, london.


link to ten blog/site

link to 100% design