tréteau by philippe nigro

i saw this on designboom a couple of days ago and it caught my eye. i really like the tool-like function, the versatility and the simple form and aesthetic. from designboom:

this table is less a singular design and more of a table system. the two trestles in the design utilize adjustable vice-like gips on the top that tighten around the tabletop. the trestles also expand horizontally making them the right size for the tabletop of choice. the simple design allows for a variety of configurations, while using its utilitarian fixtures as a key design aesthetic.

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watches and timepieces designboom recently did an article on timepieces which had some products that showed some unusual and innovative ways of telling the time. it included nooka watches (which i previously did a post on here), and the time table (above) by tokyo based designer ross mcbride.

today on designboom they did another post entitled 'more timepieces by ross mcbride', which showed some more of his unusual and innovative time telling products. above is the sinking clock, and below are my favourite designs of his, the 'normal timepieces' watches and clocks.

i think they're great! available from his website for ¥23,100 (about £130).

link to timepieces article

link to 'more timepieces by ross mcbride'

link to ross mcbride (normaldesign)

the new shopping bag

the new shopping bag by susan bijl is available from the designboom shop in lots of new colours! from their site:

'first presented at the new york mart in 2006, the 'new shopping bag''s success lies in its simplicity and its functionality. the bags are entirely made of coated nylon (the fabric used in shipping sails and kites) they are light, water repellent and super strong.'

great! the only problem is, they cost so much! maybe $39 is a good investment if you think that you'll be able to use them for hundreds of shopping trips, but if you can get a bag for life at any of the other supermarkets for about a pound, then it seems a bit steep.

they do look good though. a friend of mine has one and of course they are useful for many things other than carrying your shopping. previously only available in mixtures of neon colours, they now have some more subtle colour options (below). so if you want to look good carrying your shopping home, and think its worth the investment, then go get one!

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bic daisy vase

the bic daisy vase is a hand blow moulded vase suitable for one daisy. i remember seeing it about a year ago and thinking what a simple idea it was. i though it looked easy enough and tried to do it myself, but it just didnt come out quite right. now designboom have an article on how it was made, and it all becomes clearer to me. maybe i'll give it another go!

in the designers words:

'the daisy vase changes our casual relationship to this hugely produced item into a personal and sometimes fragile experience. made from ballpoint pens these little vases are hand blow-moulded by jim. as the plastic becomes flexible it stretches allowing the vase to sit naturally.'

the vase is designed by giffin'termeer, who also designed the containership power (which i did a post on here). it is available from the designboom shop for $29/32 depending on where it is being shipped to.

link to the 'making of' at designboom

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on designboom there's a small article looking at products based on old compter icons, like the folderix flash drive (by art lebedev studio, above). from the article:

'it's hard to pinpoint exactly at what stage digital technology changed the course of our lives and social interactions. with the emergence of computers in the 1970s, we saw the introduction of digital icons. developed at the xerox research center facility in palo alto, these icons were meant to make the process of navigating through computer interfaces easier. a small pixelated image which typically ranges in size from 16x16 pixels to 128x128 pixels, icons were designed to be easily recognizable. used on our desktops, toolbars, web-pages and other applications, computer icons draw from real world objects and have been known to take on the form of a file folder, paint brush, speaker etc., symbols we can easily identify and associate with. individuals even use avatars (a form of icon) to represent themselves on instant messaging programs, virtual computer games and various internet forums. computer icons have become an important part of our visual language, so much so that these digital computer icons are making their return into the real world. there are also a number of products out on the market which have been influenced by computer hardware. from the desk to the desktop and back again.'

i'm not too sure if all of them are quite as well done as others, but certainly the usb drive, the icon watch (by & design, below) and the sonicum speaker (again by art lebedev, again below) are all really nice products (at least to look at).

link to designboom article

link to art lebedev

green earth competition

from designboom:

'TOBU DEPARTMENT STORE is affiliated with world heritage kew gardens and helps organize campaigns to help raise awareness and protect the earth. for the competition 'green earth' you are asked to enter projects in to one or both of the following 2 categories:
'green' create a graphic artwork that illustrates the environmental protection and how human beings and nature could coexist in a greener world.
'earth' give the gift of a greener world at christmas. create a graphic artwork that will make this festive time of the year a moment to consider what we can do to help our planet's survival. you can use iconic christmas motifs in your design for example reindeers, trees, etc.'

lots of big prizes to be won! entries till 27th of august.

link to competition site

swarovski crystal vision competition

i thought i'd better start writing these down...

from designboom:

'you should explore the properties of this unique material and challenge people's perception of how crystal can be used in the near future.
come up with new products and ideas to fill the new SWAROVSKI concept store: · what role could crystal play in an urban lifestyle and make you feel better? · how feminine and sensual can crystal pieces be and make you feel more beautiful?
we are looking for innovative product concepts that might be based on pure crystal or fuse crystal with new materials or functions.
please note: the products should be 'packageable' that means they should be able to be sold over the counter - so do not think about crystal furniture, a crystal city or a crystal car... see SWAROVSKI's current product range and brand focus at'
' the designers of 3 winning entries will be granted with cash prize awards : - first prize Euro 4000 - second prize Euro 3000 - third prize Euro 2000
winning entries and a selection of the works sent in will be promoted by SWAROVSKI internationally in exhibitions and events
and as always… designboom will publish an exhaustive results report.'

there's loads more information here, which is also where you register etc.