15 nations fall

Sweden-stands-final_640 with euro 2012 now in full swing, illustrator lee's ongoing '15 nations fall' project deconstructs each nations badge as they are knocked out of the competition. it's a great collection, and highlights how well designed some nations badges are in the first place.

head to the site to see the rest of the collection as it grows, and let's hope england stay off it for as long as possible!




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new france away kit

http://static.dezeen.com/uploads/2011/03/dzn_France-away-kit-by-Nike-2.jpg this is the new france away kit, by nike. like the nike kits from last summer's world cup, it is made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton. i have to say, i thought it was a hoax when i first saw this kit, but it's actually real! based on the marinière that is synonymous with french style, it has even been photographed by karl lagerfeld (below).

umbro (who i think are owned by nike) released a few designer kits last year: the world champions collection and the peter saville designed england kits. I wonder if they were inspired?


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how it's made: adidas jabulani

the adidas jubilani is the official football for the world cup 2010. the balls that they use for the tournament itself are very different from the ones you buy in the shops for £20. for a start, they cost a lot more (about £150), but they are made very differently too. according to adidas:

Comprising only eight, completely new thermally bonded 3-D panels, which for the first time are spherically moulded, the ball is perfectly round and even more accurate than ever before

the video above shows how they make them. there's no commentary unfortunately, but it's still a good video. i like seeing how things are made (type 'how it's made' into the search bar for previous similar posts), and when it's to do with the world cup it's no exception!


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umbro world champions


it's getting close to world cup time, and there's always the odd design-y thing that coincides with it. you may have seen my post on the new recycled nike kits recently, or remember one a while back on the new nike boots for the last tournament.

well, umbro have just released the world champions collection, seven new shirts that honour all the teams that have won the tournament previously. the shirts are made in the 'tailored by umbro' style that the new england kits feature, which is clean, simple (and really nice!). each shirt also has it's own custom badge, designed by a graphic designer from that country (above is my favourite, the germany one, by marok). i won't fill up this post with every single picture from the original article, but they are worth checking out if you are interested in the development of the badges themselves.

what i have included below is a picture of every kit. so start getting excited, only 36 days to go!








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nike kits in a bottle


the new nike kits for the 2010 world cup are made from and packaged in plastic bottles! pretty cool, especially if you're both excited about the world cup, love new football kits, and are into recycling, like i am. a great idea, as long as you recycle the packaging itself that is! another added feature for the new kits is that they have a secret message behind each teams badge, next to the players heart. for example, the brazilian one says “orgulho e amor”, which is portuguese for “pride and love” (see below).


http://www.notcot.com/images/2010/02/prbottle13.jpg via notcot

nike iD


feeling a bit creative, and want an actual outlet for it? something physical, tangible, that you have [partly] designed yourself? head over to nike id, where you can fully customise [colour-wise, at least] a wide range of footwear, apparel and accessories.


you can keep it quite basic [like the top image], go for something a bit colourful [above] or go all out [below]!


they have a wide range of products to customise, from shoes to football boots to bags to tshirts, and they don't cost that much more than you would pay for the pre-chosen colours in the shops.

even if you aren't planning to buy, it can be fun to play around anyway. the site is simple and easy to use, so give it a try!


link to nike id

fabric footballs

on designboom today i saw these fabric footballs by swedish designer klas herbert ernflo. they come in a variety of different patterns, all in wool at a 1:1 scale, and (as the original article also observes) looks like they would be great for use indoors, given that the soft material is much more forgiving on interiors than leather is. you wouldn't want to ruin it by using it outside anyway.

the website says that they are in production and for sale soon, so hopefully i'll be able to update this soon!

link to designboom article

link to klas ernflo homepage


the nike mercurial alpha lite shinpads are a relatively new product with lots of great innovations. i am often sceptical of new football products (boots, gloves etc) as i cant see how they can keep improving them. materials get lighter and stronger but already there is a lot of controversy about whether these lighter materials are causing metatarsal injuries to players. otherwise (as mentioned in a previous blog post on football boots) new ranges from nike and adidas in particular are usually more about fashion than function. but now i have found something that seems to actually solve some problems, which is really what product design is all about.

the video below shows it better than i can describe it, but you have to wait till near the end for my favourite feature. the 'pocketed dri-fit fabric sleeve' that holds the pads removes the need for straps round the back. altogether the overall fit of the pad will therefore be more snug and streamlined, whilst still giving you the protection you need. nike have a few different styles that have this feature so it can't be that new, but it impressed me a lot!

£20 is very expensive for a set but i guess it depends on how much you play football. i'd say they look like a very good investment!

link to nikestore

back to basics


you may not know this if you aren't into football, but euro 2008 started on saturday. i've always been quite into football boots (previous entries here and here), and one thing i noticed was the new nike ranges. usually at major tournaments the big brands of nike, adidas and puma among others usually release a new range of boots which all the big players wear in personalised colours. adidas and puma have kept up the trend, but i immediately noticed that every player wearing nike boots had them in the same colour (with the exception of cristiano ronaldo that is).

from the nikefootball site:

'The T90 Laser II, the Tiempo Air Legend II and the Mercurial Vapor IV have all been redesigned with the heritage and location of host nations Austria and Switzerland as their inspiration. All the boots mix glacial-blue plates and vintage-look leather with match-winning performance.'

i've always preferred leather boots to plastic ones, and plain black to all the white, blue, red, gold, silver and every other colour boots on the market. there are probably some marketing reasons that im not seeing here, but i'm pretty happy that nike have done this for the tournament. i don't know why i like it, i just do!

link to nikefootball, where you can also see that amazing new tv advert in full!



T90 laser

following a previous post on 'classic football boot design', i've opted for neither. hypocritical maybe, but i just really needed some new boots. at least they're made from leather...

i'm not sure how much of the product description is true, but anyway, they sound quite technologically advanced:

'Nike AZT90 Laser FG Leather Black/RedFootball Boots
The Nike Total 90 Laser is the new boot choice of England and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, creating a revolutionary enhancement of the Total 90 series.
Applying the learning from sports like golf or tennis, the expanded Sweet Spot on the Nike Total 90 Laser allows the athlete to maximise shooting and passing accuracy through better boot to ball alignment and targeting.
Unique precision rings create optimum trajectrory, spin and distance control. Twisted medial rings provide more agggressive contact, enhancing ball spin and swerve opportunities.
The highest density material (3 times harder than a synthetic upper) is aligned with the hardest part of the foot for improved accuracy and distance. The precision rings are sectioned to help the player keep the ball down when shooting at goal. Rings also add more aggressive contact to the ball, allowing the player to add height and swerve to the ball as desired.
Waterproof eVent Fabric also lets sweat escape, maintaining a constant temperature inside the boot while playing.'