glif +pack

studio neat have released two add-ons for their very useful iphone accessory, the glif (previously posted about here). the glif is essentially a tripod mount and stand for an iphone 4 and 4s. i've had one for a few months now, and have found it to be just as useful as i'd hoped, especially when combined with a gorillapod. the only negatives were very minor ones, which these new add-ons seem to solve simply, and neatly.

one issue i had was if i wanted to use the glif when doing something like cycling. i felt that if i attached it to my bike, it might not be secure enough to stop the iphone falling out. the 'serif' (below) is designed to keep your iphone completely secure in situations a bit more extreme. even better, when you're not using it, it fits snuggly inside the glif.

the other issue was where to store it. i usually keep it in my bag, but as it is so minimal it often falls to the bottom of the bag and is not as handy as i'd like. the 'ligature' (below) is a simple keyring loop that attaches to the tripod thread on the bottom, so you can attach it to a keyring or your bag, making it much more handy.

as i mentioned, neither of these problems were major, but it's still nice that they've thought about them, and designed two very simple add-ons that improve the experience even more. and at only $12, you can't really go wrong!

available from studio neat.

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the cosmonaut

the cosmonaut is a design for a touchscreen stylus by studio neat (who also designed the glif). the designers explain:

The Cosmonaut was born out of our desire to have a really great stylus for our iPads. We love to sketch out quick ideas or doodle on our tablets, and using a stylus is much better than a finger for such tasks. We bought several different models currently available on the market but they all suffered the same problem: they were designed to look and feel like a pen. But why? Writing or drawing on the iPad feels nothing like using a pen or pencil. For one, tablets are ideal for low fidelity sketching. Also, it is pretty awkward to rest your palm on the screen of the device because it throws off the capacitive detection. Writing on a tablet feels like writing on a dry erase board: fast, simple, low fidelity. The perfect tablet stylus is one that feels like a dry erase marker.

the cosmonaut is, like the glif, another kickstarter campaign; a project made possible by the donations of others to get it into production. let's hope they're available soon!

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i've noticed the glif whilst trawling through various design blogs in recent weeks, and the more i see it, the more i want one! designed by tom gerhardt and dan provost of studio neat, it is "a simple iphone 4 accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iphone onto a tripod and propping up your iphone at various angles".

made from a recyclable rubberized plastic, and small enough to fit snugly in your pocket, it has a standard thread that fits any tripod or camera mount. which means it would go perfectly with my much loved (and blogged about) gorillapod!

the glif is designed for the iphone 4, which means (obviously) it is not useful to people that don't own one. but if you do have one, it looks like a great product. when the iphone 4 is replaced with a newer model, so too will there need to be a new glif, which is always the problem with accessories designed for specific products. let's hope the iphone 5 has the exact same dimensions!

the only other downside i can see is that i'd have to splash out on an app with a timer function, but i'm sure it would be worth it. the glif costs $20 (I'll have to see if they are available in the uk), and was made possible thanks to the kickstarter platform. for this price, i don't think it's too much of a problem that it is iphone 4 specific, and all the testimonies i've heard are very positive!