binary watches

right, i know i've written two posts already on watches (here and here) but my housemate rob (previously seen here) just bought 'the one' kerala trance watch. i think binary watches are very cool indeed. maybe the fact that you have to think about it for a second before you can tell someone the time, or the fact that people can't look over your shoulder at your watch without being confused. i dont know why those two things are plus points but they are. and also because everyone will ask about it and want to know how it works.

if you don't know how binary watches work, here's a little diagram:

another binary watch i saw was the TokyoFlash tibida watch on boingboing a while back. it is a binary watch, but also has two other ways of telling the time too: hour-centric and minute-centric.

from their website:

'Hour-centric mode displays the hour in digits on the lower display and minutes on the upper display, each LED representing a progression of five minutes.  Perfect for when you need to know the approximate time quickly.
Minute-centric mode displays the exact minutes in digits on the lower display with the upper display representing the progression of hours using twelve LEDs.'

they retail on the TokyoFlash website for £75.22, with free postage. the images below show the different colours and modes, with the time they show in the image next to them.

link to kerala on amazon, retailing around £100. rob got his on ebay for £71.44

link to TokyoFlash website, which has a cool interactive flash animation to show how the watch works