knog boomer usb i've posted about knog lights before, and have been using a set of knog frogs for quite a while now. so far they've been great: they are easy to use, i can switch them between my bikes, they are small enough to put in your pocket or bag, and they look good.

the one thing i have found is that the front light in particular eats up batteries, but i think that's just an inevitability with white led bike lights, and not just an issue with those particular ones.

i was looking at the knog range, and see that one of their designs, the boomer, is available in a rechargeable usb version. given the abundance of usb recharging opportunities for a lot of people, i think this is a great innovation, and could solve my main issue with these type's of lights.

they come in knog's usual range of silicon colours (below), and will apparently run for 12 hours in flashing mode from a full charge. great! available from knog.

knog frog

there are a few problems with the majority of bike lights. firstly, they are usually not that simple to attach to the frame or handlebars. secondly, people are afraid they will be stolen; a lot of them are removable, but this leaves a big clunky attachment piece on the frame or handlebars.

there are also other, less obvious problems too, such as the one i currently have: i have two bikes, but only one set of lights. i'm never going to be riding both at the same time, but it is a bit of a hassle to have to remove the whole attachment bracket every time i switch between bikes (which is quite often). therefore, my only option would really be to have two sets of lights, which i think is a bit of a waste.

but recently i've come across the solution. the above image is of the frog strobe lights, by knog. the use of silicone as a material has really freshened up the whole bike lights area, and pretty much solved all of the previously mentioned problems!

they are easily attached, and easily removed. they are flexible, but remain secure. they come in a wide range of colours, and you can get hold of a front a rear light from as little as £10 for a single LED model.

maglite i think maglites are a design classic. i'd put them in a similar category to sigg water bottles (that i did a post on here). they are just very simple, very functional, and therefore very useful. i thought, like sigg, that they were a swiss design, but they are actually american. and the newer 'mag LED' designs are the most efficient. apparantly, a new set of batteries will last literally days if you leave it on!

the LED versions do cost a bit more, but the saving on batteries alone surely makes it worth it. i don't think i'd have much use for the larger model (below), but the above model (the 3w LED torch) is compact but powerful, and costs about £20. not bad!

and the solitaire (below) costs only a fiver!

link to mag

watches sells kits to build this binary/POV custom LED wristwatch. I think if it looked a bit nicer, i'd get one.

i've been thinking a lot about watches recently. i'm currently doing a project on the brand swatch, so have looked at pretty much their whole range and now want to buy one as 'research'.

some other watches i've seen and want include michael young's watch, which one of my tutors has, and a LEGO watch, which my friend sam dransfield has. below are pictures, but both are slightly different to the ones owned by the two sams.

diy led watch from

michael young watch from twentytwentyone

sam/ham, owner of the lego watch