design on ebay sorry for the lack of posts recently. to make up for it i'll give you a tip: search for design on ebay! unconventional, i know, and you've got to be clever about it too. i often type in the name of famous designers or designs and see what comes up, and if you do it right, you can find some great things very cheap!

for example, below is the pxr-5 watch, designed by michael young. you can get these for about £80-90 at the design museum or from twentytwentyone. it featured in one of my first ever blog posts (here), and i think it's a great looking watch.

what i like to do every so often is type in the name of certain designers, manufacturers or designs, and see what comes up. if you type in popular ones, then there are often a lot of items (not all good) and the demand is high, which therefore means price is high. type in dieter rams for example, and lots of his famous braun designs will come up, and they will all cost you a lot. similarly for other well known designers.

but if you type in slightly more obscure things, you can often find some great items. the watch is one example. i typed in michael young, and this came up. £20, no bids, brand new, 2 days left.

get searching!

watches sells kits to build this binary/POV custom LED wristwatch. I think if it looked a bit nicer, i'd get one.

i've been thinking a lot about watches recently. i'm currently doing a project on the brand swatch, so have looked at pretty much their whole range and now want to buy one as 'research'.

some other watches i've seen and want include michael young's watch, which one of my tutors has, and a LEGO watch, which my friend sam dransfield has. below are pictures, but both are slightly different to the ones owned by the two sams.

diy led watch from

michael young watch from twentytwentyone

sam/ham, owner of the lego watch