(obsolete?) products that might soon be gone

the wall mounted CD player, by naoto fukasawa for muji, is in my opinion a modern classic. it was designed in 1999, and still looks great to me, i remember the moment i first saw it i wanted to own one.

it costs £79, which i guess isn't that much really, but i have never had enough money to just go out and buy one. i figured when i was older and had more money i would get one. the dilemma now though, is that it looks set to be discontinued. on the muji site, it says the UK version has already been discontinued, and you can only buy the EU version.

i guess the major difference between this product and any other is that this one will soon be obselete. or rather, the function it was designed to be sold for soon will be. i dont know exact details, but everyone knows CD sales are well down since the release of itunes and ipods. when i look at my cd collection, the main bulk of it is from a 5 year period which ended about 2 years ago. the last CD i bought was in rainbows by radiohead, and i didn't even buy that for the music. i had already downloaded it, and my brother had it, but they were my favourtie band and i just wanted to have it in my collection.

before that, i have a couple of special edition CDs which were either presents or again i bought as more of an object than to listen to. the point is, i think it is a trend most people can identify with, and all leads to the decline of products like the wall mounted CD player.

it's the kind of product i always imagined in a future home, but not something that i could only listen to old CDs on. but i guess that's the case now. now i can imagine the product as more of an artwork than a functioning product, something i would put on my wall, which i wouldn't really use as i don't have any new CDs, that people would think was cool.

i find this a shame for two reasons; firstly as my image of owning it has changed so much, and secondly as i still really want it and now have to find £79 before they sell out, and as with any classic design that isn't sold anymore the price will increase exponentially!

link to muji

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