zub zan 40

these nooka watches have two interesting features when it comes to the strap. the first, most obvious, is that the straps are easily removable and interchangeable, sliding on and off for those that wish to quickly change combinations. the second feature is what happens at the buckle; instead of the excess strap length sitting on top of the strap as with most watches, it folds underneath, which they claim "minimizes it's profile for added comfort".

the watch may not be to everyone's taste, but an interesting design nonetheless! have a look at their new packaging too if you haven't seen it already.



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nooka re-branding

last year's re-branding of watch company nooka featured quite a few nice details, but what i really liked was the change in packaging. greatly reduced not only compared to their previous packaging, but compared to the vast majority of timepiece packaging on the market, the watches are now shipped in durable mylar bags, available in three sizes. the company has also discontinued its use of acrylic stands for watch display, now sending corrugated cardboard pieces, shipped flat and folding to shape after arrival.

for a company that is very modern (if not futuristic!), it's a very appropriate change, i think it looks great!

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watches and timepieces

http://www.designboom.com/contemporary/timepieces/15.jpg designboom recently did an article on timepieces which had some products that showed some unusual and innovative ways of telling the time. it included nooka watches (which i previously did a post on here), and the time table (above) by tokyo based designer ross mcbride.

today on designboom they did another post entitled 'more timepieces by ross mcbride', which showed some more of his unusual and innovative time telling products. above is the sinking clock, and below are my favourite designs of his, the 'normal timepieces' watches and clocks.

i think they're great! available from his website for ¥23,100 (about £130).

link to timepieces article

link to 'more timepieces by ross mcbride'

link to ross mcbride (normaldesign)

nooka watches + glow in the dark

nooka is a brand i've only recently learnt about. i like their modern range of watches (more to add to the list), which is quite extensive!

for kanye west's glow in the dark tour (which was great!) they made him 15 glow in the dark nooka's as a gift, which was pretty nice. except unfortunately, that means there are none for sale...

link to nooka site

link to article on nooka glow in the dark watches

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