lego rings on etsy etsy is an online marketplace where designers can sell hand made items such as jewellery. you set up your own shop, and away you go! one designer, thelovelyteaspoon, sells a few different lego inspired silver rings, which look really cool! above is the 'primary combo lego ring', and below is the 'lego ring' with different combinations.

seeing these has made me want to a) start up a shop on etsy and b) make my own lego ring!

thanks tom!

link to thelovelyteaspoon on etsy

new projects and photos on

on tuesday and wednesday, qwin (above left) and i (above right) have been taking photos of some of the projects i've been doing this term. above are three of them; stick 'em up rings, plunger stool and the monkey deck, which we took photos of in a studio with the help of rob, little harry and chloé. there are also photos of the ratchet coffee table (also with books) which we did on tuesday.

so thanks to everyone that helped, and to everyone else, have a look!

link to shootdesign

direct-link to projects

link to qwin

watches and rings

quite a few of my first posts were about rings and watches. not for any specific reason, i think i was just tuned into them so they appeared quite frequently. anyway, at 100% design i saw some really nice watches by a french company called lip.

above is the 'mach square' from the mach2000 range (€189). below is the 'diode' watch from the revival seventies range (also €189). there are many more great watches on their site, which is well worth a look, all for similar prices.

as i was saying, the other subject i did a few posts on was rings (1,2,3). i saw a post today on designboom about nature jewellery, which featured a ring that although not very practical, still looked quite cool to me! the flower pot ring (below) is by alison wells, 2004.

more watches and rings to come (hopefully)!

link to lip watches

link to designboom article

link to alison wells

other watch posts (1,2,3,4,5)