table, bench, chair


i just saw this on dezeen and it really caught my eye. the set is by sam hecht, and called table, bench, chair. the frames are made of steam bent beech that look as if they pass through the solid surface. i really like the simplicity of them. from established & sons (via dezeen):

The idea to combine several seating opportunities and functions into a single product was initiated by a trip on the Tokyo metro by designer Sam Hecht. Here individual seating spaces are designated along a communal bench. Hecht used this principle as a starting point and has similarly differentiated various functional areas along the length of his bench with the help of traditional steam bent beech frames. These appear to slice through the solid wood bench that is the constant element in the design. Three versions of Table, Bench, Chair are available; a chair, bench and love seat. Designated seating space is profiled into the solid oak base.




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kidrobot simpsons

on the subject of collectable toys, sam (ham) has commented on my previous post about be@rbricks (here), informing me of kidrobot's new line of simpsons collectables. including all the main characters, aswell as a couple of random ones (lucius sweet, drederick tatum's manager?!?!), and selling for $7.95 each, they look like a bargain! the full line up is below.

link to kidrobot site

link to wonderfully animated mini site

watches sells kits to build this binary/POV custom LED wristwatch. I think if it looked a bit nicer, i'd get one.

i've been thinking a lot about watches recently. i'm currently doing a project on the brand swatch, so have looked at pretty much their whole range and now want to buy one as 'research'.

some other watches i've seen and want include michael young's watch, which one of my tutors has, and a LEGO watch, which my friend sam dransfield has. below are pictures, but both are slightly different to the ones owned by the two sams.

diy led watch from

michael young watch from twentytwentyone

sam/ham, owner of the lego watch