skate study house

just the other day i saw a coffee table that looked a bit like a longboard, and i got thinking about how you could make a table out of skateboards. then today i saw this article on skate study house, who make all sorts of things out of old skateboards and parts.

despite not having skateboarded for a few years now, i am still very fond of them. if i had a lot of spare money i'd definitely like to buy a new deck, some wheels and some trucks. even the bearings and bolts are beautifully designed. there's nothing like buying a whole new set up. i am currently trying to hunt down some images off the net of all of the old boards i owned, and the decks themselves are now either broken or the artwork completely scratched up. then maybe i can do a post on skateboard artwork.

hopefully i'll be able to make a table out of skateboards myself one day...

link to designboom article

link to skate study house