e8 table


this is the e8 table, by mathias hahn. made of lacquered redwood, i think this table looks amazing! a great shape, and a great colour too! here's what he says:

The E8 table is based on an observation of an impromptu composed piece of post war time furniture that ended up as a dining table. The long and narrow format allows it to be used as an every-day work and kitchen table, where temporary items such as laptops or paperwork can easily sidestep during meal times.




via dezeen

mdfo and the properties of wood

i saw this on designboom, and loved the process involved. mdfo is a range of mdf experiments by israeli designer oron ohayon, using mdf and hot water. from the article:

he produced 3 pieces of furniture that are made from MDF, wrapped with a flexible coating that swells with the board. the table legs were inserted into the table board corners then dipped in hot water. both the chest and shelves were produced using the same technique.

what i like best, as i have said, is the process. using the properties of mdf, and what happens to it when exposed to water. usually it is a problem; i remember when one of my tables got drenched it lost it's smooth straightness, but this makes use of that in a controlled way.

it also reminds me of when i was on a wooden rowing boat last week, which began to fill with water at first. i told my housemate that we were going to sink, but he said to just wait. sure enough, 10 minutes later, the boat stopped flooding, as the wood had expanded in the water. very clever stuff.

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table, bench, chair


i just saw this on dezeen and it really caught my eye. the set is by sam hecht, and called table, bench, chair. the frames are made of steam bent beech that look as if they pass through the solid surface. i really like the simplicity of them. from established & sons (via dezeen):

The idea to combine several seating opportunities and functions into a single product was initiated by a trip on the Tokyo metro by designer Sam Hecht. Here individual seating spaces are designated along a communal bench. Hecht used this principle as a starting point and has similarly differentiated various functional areas along the length of his bench with the help of traditional steam bent beech frames. These appear to slice through the solid wood bench that is the constant element in the design. Three versions of Table, Bench, Chair are available; a chair, bench and love seat. Designated seating space is profiled into the solid oak base.




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nicola from bern

http://s3files.core77.com/blog/images/0nicola01.jpg on core77 today i saw two designs from the stockholm furniture fair by designer nicola enrico stäubli (nicola from bern). above is a coathook, made from one piece of sprung steel. from his site:

The growing popularity of online retailers calls for products that can be easily shipped. A simple metal strap with an unimpressive winding off can be transformed into an elegant double loop, held together at the intersection and mounted to the wall with a standard screw and washer.

below is the 'crutch' trestle, which uses 4 metal legs and ratchet straps, which then attach to any top that the user wishes. again, from his site:

Metal frames are put over the edges of a tabletop and contracted with lashing straps creating a highly solid linkage. Other than conventional trestles it causes a table with an unitary look. It is designed to work with any table format and for tabletops dimensioned at 24 to 30mm thickness.

both designs are very simple and clever!


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drum table

(from boingboing gadgets): 'Tor Clausen makes these fantastic Musical Rumba Series tables in his Olympia, Washington studio, each one topped with interchangeable percussion instruments that lock into a flat grid.'

prices range from $800 to $2900. i'm slightly sceptical that it might get annoying after a while, but then again if i knew someone else that had one, i would probably want to go round to their house all the time.