kaikado tea caddys

the japanese company kaikado was established in tokyo in 1875, and have now been producing these hand-made tea caddys for six generations.

the double-walled construction guarantees excellent air tightness and will protect tea leaves from humidity whilst helping them to maintain their scent. in addition to being  used for storing tea leaves, the caddies be used to hold a wide variety of foodstuffs, including english or chinese tea, as well as coffee, spices, and grain.

what i like most about them is how they age over time. the three materials, brass, copper and tin, all take on completely different looks as they get older.

they are available from postcard teas in the uk, with prices ranging from about £80 to £140, depending on size and material.

'tea off' kettle design competition

i saw this today on designboom.

'Sponsored by World Kitchen, LLC, Endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America'
'The heritage of tea is laden with ritual and meaning that dates back thousands of years and spans the globe.'

the website has details of how to enter and what you need to be eligible etc, but it is open until the 26th january 2009, and prizes are $5000.

link to competiton page