glasware by thomas kral

i like the 'reused history' glassware collection by tomas kral (previously mentioned here). a collaboration with pcm, the series is made up of three vases and a set of drinking glasses and carafes, all of which have been decorated with various cut-patterns.

the collection was produced by the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja de San Ildefonso in Segovia, Spain, which is one of the last three remaining European glassworks that still blows the glass following the 18th century techniques.

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bic daisy vase

the bic daisy vase is a hand blow moulded vase suitable for one daisy. i remember seeing it about a year ago and thinking what a simple idea it was. i though it looked easy enough and tried to do it myself, but it just didnt come out quite right. now designboom have an article on how it was made, and it all becomes clearer to me. maybe i'll give it another go!

in the designers words:

'the daisy vase changes our casual relationship to this hugely produced item into a personal and sometimes fragile experience. made from ballpoint pens these little vases are hand blow-moulded by jim. as the plastic becomes flexible it stretches allowing the vase to sit naturally.'

the vase is designed by giffin'termeer, who also designed the containership power (which i did a post on here). it is available from the designboom shop for $29/32 depending on where it is being shipped to.

link to the 'making of' at designboom

link to designboom shop

link to giffin'termeer