zub zan 40

these nooka watches have two interesting features when it comes to the strap. the first, most obvious, is that the straps are easily removable and interchangeable, sliding on and off for those that wish to quickly change combinations. the second feature is what happens at the buckle; instead of the excess strap length sitting on top of the strap as with most watches, it folds underneath, which they claim "minimizes it's profile for added comfort".

the watch may not be to everyone's taste, but an interesting design nonetheless! have a look at their new packaging too if you haven't seen it already.



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nooka re-branding

last year's re-branding of watch company nooka featured quite a few nice details, but what i really liked was the change in packaging. greatly reduced not only compared to their previous packaging, but compared to the vast majority of timepiece packaging on the market, the watches are now shipped in durable mylar bags, available in three sizes. the company has also discontinued its use of acrylic stands for watch display, now sending corrugated cardboard pieces, shipped flat and folding to shape after arrival.

for a company that is very modern (if not futuristic!), it's a very appropriate change, i think it looks great!

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some more nice watches


having just bought a new watch (see 'design on ebay' post, below), i have still managed to come across a few more i like. above are a collection of watches by uniform wares, a new london based design company.

i like simple watches, and if you type in 'watch' into the search bar in the top right of this blog you will find many posts on others i like. these watches are nice and simple, and the selection of colours above are quite cool too. unconventional somehow, but nice. the body is made of anodised aluminium, and the strap out of polyurethane.



the second watch i saw was the single hand watches by defakto, a german brand (below). again, very simple, if not more so due to the lack of minute hand. debate always rages as to the benefits of single hand watches. there are many to be found, and i guess it just depends on you preference whether you need to know exactly to the minute what time it is, rather than to the nearest 5.

defakto say:

We build place our confidence on understatement and stand for a new way of living in form of a relaxed feeling of time. Our central theme is to display time as simple as possible, but as exact as needed. Defakto builds watches for people with time whom are therefore not meticulous depended on knowing the exact time.

the other thing i like about this watch is the back (see bottom image). covered in the same crystal as the front face, you can see some of the inner workings through it. again, you could argue this is pointless if you are going to be wearing it, but i think it's a nice touch.




both found via dezeen

design on ebay

http://blog1.ebates.com/ebates/ebay.png sorry for the lack of posts recently. to make up for it i'll give you a tip: search for design on ebay! unconventional, i know, and you've got to be clever about it too. i often type in the name of famous designers or designs and see what comes up, and if you do it right, you can find some great things very cheap!

for example, below is the pxr-5 watch, designed by michael young. you can get these for about £80-90 at the design museum or from twentytwentyone. it featured in one of my first ever blog posts (here), and i think it's a great looking watch.

what i like to do every so often is type in the name of certain designers, manufacturers or designs, and see what comes up. if you type in popular ones, then there are often a lot of items (not all good) and the demand is high, which therefore means price is high. type in dieter rams for example, and lots of his famous braun designs will come up, and they will all cost you a lot. similarly for other well known designers.

but if you type in slightly more obscure things, you can often find some great items. the watch is one example. i typed in michael young, and this came up. £20, no bids, brand new, 2 days left.

get searching!


and also...


and also (following the last post), i just saw this.

this analog alarm watch by industrial facility takes its starting point from the alarm clock image. here, sound is replaced by vibration (through the use of a small motor), which indicates that the alarm is activated. simply by moving the hand to the desired time and lifting the alarm button, the watch can be set and used for daily alerts.

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watches i like

http://www.designboom.com/cms/images/ridcue/jasper12.jpg another thing i havn't posted about for a while: watches i like. so here's two!

above and below are some variations of the RADO r5.5 watch, designed by jasper morrison. apart from the titanium buckle, the links and watch face are made the same high tech ceramic used in F1 and space shuttles.

the use of this material is what i like about it most i think, but it does look very cool too.



the second watch i like is the sharing watch by korean design studio maezm. the watch [below] is designed so that it is convenient for more than one person to read.

a normal watch is worn so that it is convenient for the wearer to tell time - with numbers readable when the arm is folded toward the trunk of the body. however, through a slight change of turning the display board 90 degrees, the intrinsic meaning of the watch changes - for example when you are showing someone what time it is. sharing watch by korean design studio maezm displays the time in such a way that it is read in the same way to you as it can be read by others. the simple act of turning the numeric face 90 degrees reconsiders the ritual behavior of sharing time on a different level.

although it would probably confuse you for a few weeks, it is still a nice idea, and just looks so simple.




r5.5 via designboom

sharing watch also via designboom

rolson, ACME

http://www.rolsontools.com/images/logo.gif if there ever was a company that makes everything, it is rolson. anything tool related anyway. one of my first ever posts (which you can find here) was on a set of safety goggles with led's on the side, which i have since bought, and are brilliant. i have also more recently got some metal polishing cloths, and some mini clamps.

the reason i mention them, is because i was at my local car boot sale today, where there is a guy that always sells tools and other diy things, and i saw a basket of rolson tools, of which one caught my eye: the 'clip on spectacle eye loupe'.


i thought it was such a specific tool, that i couldn't believe anyone actually buying (at this car boot sale at least), yet there it was. right next to the 'watch bracelet link removing pliers' and the 'watch case holder' (both below).



it made me wish i actually had a use for these things. they are, as i've said, extremely specific, but they are so well made and look amazing too.

if you have any job that may require a tool, or have a general interest in things like this, i suggest you head over to their website. you might have a task you didn't even think there was a tool for, but rolson make one. it has such a vast amount of products to browse through, it's brilliant!

link to rolson

nixon volta

i wrote a post on nixon headphones and watches a couple of weeks ago, in which i sang their praises for their very cool designs. on designboom today, i saw this: the volta watch, which is nixon's first rechargeable solar powered watch.

the semi-transparent dial allows sunlight through to the solar panel below which charges the watch's battery. powerslaves and desk jockeys need not worry, any light source will suffice so your office fluorescence or tanning beds will also be good sources to recharge the watch.

not only is the idea of a solar powered watch cool, but i think it looks amazing aswell. costing between $240 and $270 (different prices for different straps/materials/colours), it is in a similar price range to the other nixon watches. but at least you'll never have to buy new batteries!


link to nixon

link to designboom article

nixon headphones

http://image.nixonnow.com/image/product_detail/season2/soft_goods/hero/H001-hero-200.jpg it has been brought to my attention by fellow product designer michael harris that nixon have bought out a range of headphones. the 'wire 6mm' range of earphones are my favourite, especially the red ones (above). they are selling for $60, which isn't too bad either. they also have a range of full headphones (below the below), which are around $100, which are also pretty cool.



Nomadic -
you might know the brand nixon for their watches, which i always knew about from skateboard magazines and shops. they have a pretty impressive team, which includes tony hawk, bob burnquist, danny way, paul rodriguez, colin mckay, rick mccrank, ryan sheckler and andrew reynolds, who will show you how to do a frontside flip (below).

they have a really good selection of watches, with many different styles, my current favourites being the rubber player (in blue, below) which is $170, and the newton (below the below) which is $100. these are both quite colourful watches, but like i say, the selection is very diverse, with some more 'serious' watches too.

Click to Zoom In

thanks mike!
link to nixon

issey miyake watches


it's been a while since i saw a new watch i really like, but today i found it! 'twelve' was designed by naoto fukasawa, and the illuminous looking blue one in particular is my favourite. prices are around the £300 mark.

below is the 'twelve 365' watch, the variation being the extra hands, but i prefer the simple nature of the 'twelve'.

check out my other posts on watches from quite a while back for some other great timepieces.

link to designboom article

link to issey miyake

not a watch

t1mepeace by denise reytan was designed to encourage the owner to forget about time and enjoy life. i saw it today on designboom:

the design is representative of the watch’s more aesthetic role in today’s digital age, taking that idea one step further into abstraction.

im not sure i'd wear what is essentally a bracelet, but either way, its cool!

link to original article

link to denise reytan

james bond villain (s)watches

http://www.designboom.com/tools/WPro/images/11b/jb1.jpg i went to see the new james bond film yesterday, and afterwards came across an article on designboom about a new line of watches from swatch inspired by james bond villains! the are all great, some more than others, and will presumably become very collectible. they are all various costs depending on what kind of watch they are (ie. steel straps, rubber 'skin' watches), and many have sold out already! below are some of my favourites, but it's worth checking out the swatch site for the full range. and get in there quick!



link to designboom article

link to swatch site

watches and timepieces

http://www.designboom.com/contemporary/timepieces/15.jpg designboom recently did an article on timepieces which had some products that showed some unusual and innovative ways of telling the time. it included nooka watches (which i previously did a post on here), and the time table (above) by tokyo based designer ross mcbride.

today on designboom they did another post entitled 'more timepieces by ross mcbride', which showed some more of his unusual and innovative time telling products. above is the sinking clock, and below are my favourite designs of his, the 'normal timepieces' watches and clocks.

i think they're great! available from his website for ¥23,100 (about £130).

link to timepieces article

link to 'more timepieces by ross mcbride'

link to ross mcbride (normaldesign)

watches and rings

quite a few of my first posts were about rings and watches. not for any specific reason, i think i was just tuned into them so they appeared quite frequently. anyway, at 100% design i saw some really nice watches by a french company called lip.

above is the 'mach square' from the mach2000 range (€189). below is the 'diode' watch from the revival seventies range (also €189). there are many more great watches on their site, which is well worth a look, all for similar prices.

as i was saying, the other subject i did a few posts on was rings (1,2,3). i saw a post today on designboom about nature jewellery, which featured a ring that although not very practical, still looked quite cool to me! the flower pot ring (below) is by alison wells, 2004.


more watches and rings to come (hopefully)!

link to lip watches

link to designboom article

link to alison wells

other watch posts (1,2,3,4,5)

nooka watches + glow in the dark

nooka is a brand i've only recently learnt about. i like their modern range of watches (more to add to the list), which is quite extensive!

for kanye west's glow in the dark tour (which was great!) they made him 15 glow in the dark nooka's as a gift, which was pretty nice. except unfortunately, that means there are none for sale...

link to nooka site

link to article on nooka glow in the dark watches

this is fast becoming a watch blog, sorry. link to previous stories (here, here and here)