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patricia urquiola’s recent collection for kettal use a mixture of expanded mesh and timber planes. the sofa and coffee table have soft curves and edges, giving a more domestic feel to a material more commonly associated with architectural applications.


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the goTenna is a device that allows you to connect directly with others even when there is no connectivity. it communicates wirelessly with your smartphone without the need of cell service or wifi signal. range depends on your terrain and elevation, but you can get a pretty good idea on the ‘how it works‘ page, which also gives some more info on the technology.

it seems like it’d be a pretty useful gadget for many situations, whether you’re out hiking in the wilderness or at a festival with no phone signal. i really like the design, simple but rugged looking, and the software looks good too. the lanyard, available in four colours, allows you to easily clip and unclip the device to bags or clothing. they will be sold in pairs for $299, but are available for a limited time as a pre-order for $149 for two.

brass peanut lighter

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  • BRASS-PEANUT-CLIP-064_1024x1024

new from best made co, the brass peanut lighter is made from solid brass with a japanese brass clip to secure it to your keyring or lanyard. a nice, minimal lighter perfect for camping trips, it has a screwdown top to keep it dry and can be easily refilled with lighter fluid.

branca stool

  • Branca-Stool-by-Industrial-Facility_dezeen_sq
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  • Branca-Stool-by-Industrial-Facility_dezeen_468c_1
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  • Branca-Stool-by-Industrial-Facility_dezeen_468c_2

industrial facility have added a stool to their branca family for mattiazzi. like the chair it’s a soft, minimal form, manufactured through a combination of cnc cutting and hand finishing, with a powder coated metal footrest.

baggu all weather bag

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  • AllWeatherBag_Blue_Enlarge


a new addition from baggu is the all weather bag. made from pvc-free double coated nylon, with welded seams and a water resistant zipper to keep water contained, or keep dry items from getting wet. available in three colours from baggu.

sophie smallhorn at galerie wenger

  • Cube-27-4_web.png.826x550_q85_scale
  • ComponentLedge1_left_web.png.826x550_q85_scale
  • ComponentLedge1_detail_web.png.826x550_q85_scale
  • Cube-27-1_web.png.826x550_q85_scale
  • ComponentLedge2_detail_web.png.826x550_q85_scale
  • Cube-64-3_web.png.826x550_q85_scale

i am a big fan of sophie smallhorn’s work, and her recent exhibition at galerie wenger is no exception. lovely combinations of shape and colour.

brass containers

  • Kim-Soo-Young-Brass-3-630x420
  • Kim-Soo-Young-Brass-2-630x420
  • Kim-Soo-Young-Brass-1-630x420
  • Kim-Soo-Young-Brass-0-630x420

these handmade brass pieces are the result of a collaboration between award-winning korean artisan kim soo-young and designer gio kisang. the production of these beautifully minimal forms is showcased in this short film entitled ‘memories of an artisan’ by german cinematographer nils clauss.

bic cristal sylus

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  • kugelschreiber_bic_cristal_stylusp-902124_3s-700

there are more and more stylus’ available for touchscreen devices, from very minimally designed marker-style ones to high-end professional models. adobe’s ink and slide has some interesting features but costs $200(!). one company i was surprised to see with a design on the market was bic, better known for their cheap biro pens. the cristal stylus is a 2-in-1 pen with a standard nib at one end and a capacitive stylus at the other, and only cost a couple of pounds each!

buoy fleet

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  • Buoys-Group-mixed


i really like the wooden models from papafoxtrot, from the model ships designed a few years ago to the more recent space series, i think they look great. the latest is a set of model buoys with interchangeable parts. they all measure about 16cm in height, and are made from painted and natural timber. available individually or as a set of four from papafoxtrot.


  • MATHIAS-HAHN-RUNCIBLE-photo-Petr-Krejci-4-630x445
  • MATHIAS-HAHN-RUNCIBLE-photo-Petr-Krejci-8-630x472
  • MATHIAS-HAHN-RUNCIBLE-photo-Petr-Krejci-5-630x472

really nice collection of wooden utensils by mathias hahn. the ‘runcible’ collection, made from solid maple, includes a spoon/scoop, a spatula, cutting board, serving boards and a bowl and grinder.