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Chromecast Audio

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As well as releasing a new Chromecast last month Google also launched the Chromecast Audio.  The little device allos you to stream music from your phone, tablet or laptop straight to your hi-fi speakers over wi-fi (a lot like Paul Cocksedge’s Vamp from a couple of years ago). I’ve had a Chromecast for a over a year now and think it’s great, if this works as well as that does it looks like great value at £30.


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Smoke alarms aren’t usually a product area I’m focussed on, but the Kupu smoke alarm by Harri Koskinen for Jalo Helsinki is definitely the nicest I’ve seen! The whole external casing acts as a push-switch for switching it off or testing, and it’s available in a selection of colours.


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Palette is a system of modules that connects to your computer that could change the way you interact with your apps. It starts with a ‘core’ unit, to which you add buttons, dials and sliders. Each can be assigned functions, for example a frequently used filter on Photoshop could be assigned to one of the buttons, and simply pressed to use instead of clicking through drop-down menus. The dial could be assigned for zooming in and out, and the slider for increasing or decreasing brightness.

It currently works with most Adobe applications (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign) as well as Final Cut Pro. More apps will be added in the future. The starter kit comes with two buttons, a dial and a slider, and costs $199. A professional kit with four buttons, 6 dials and four sliders costs $499. Additional modules can be purchased for between $29 and $49 each, to make a truly custom set up.

For the last few years I have been using a SpaceNavigator with 3D software which greatly improves efficiency and is really nice to use, I can’t imagine working without it! This system looks like a great addition for certain software, I’d love to try it out. Not only do I like the function but they look like well designed products, too.

Drop Hat

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Drop Hat is a new shade for Plumen bulbs. I see the bulbs displayed quite often on their own, and due to decorative design and the nature of the light source they don’t necessarily need one. However, I think these shades are a nice, minimal addition to the range.

Pilot Lounge Chair

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The Pilot Lounge Chair by Barber Osgerby for Knoll has been around for a while now but I got my first chance to sit on one this week. Having only previously seen it in photos I thought it was a bit of an odd design, but it is a very comfortable chair and impeccably made.


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I didn’t expect that the most impressive thing I saw during LDF would a TV! The Serif is designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Samsung, and was on display at Somerset House last week. Television design has been about getting the screens as thin as possible in the last decade, but this the antithesis of that, a design more like a piece of furniture. The set, available in three sizes, looks like the letter ‘I’ in profile, and can sit alone or stand on detachable legs. It’s a lovely looking thing that you would be happy to leave out even when not in use.

Louise Gray Quilts

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Really nice quilts from Louise Gray.

Engesvik Textiles

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Nice minimal textile range by Andreas Engesvik for Georg Jensen Damask. The uneven-line grid pattern is used on tablecloths, runners and place-mats.

Freitag Denim

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Last year Freitag launched F-abric, a new material used on a range of bags and clothes. The Swiss company are known for their tarpaulin bags, but continue to branch out into new areas with the launch of a denim range.

As with some of the F-abric range my favourite detail is the buttons, which can be unscrewed and reused or recycled. See the whole range here.

Snow Peak Silicone Glasses

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Outdoor brand Snow Peak have developed a range of silicone drinking glasses. Available in three sizes, they are unbreakable, flexible and easy to clean.