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Tile 2.0

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The original Tile was a small Bluetooth tracker that you could attach to your keys or bag, and keep track of them with a simple app. It is a great little product that ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign (though not on Kickstarter). The second generation Tile has some nice new features to help you keep track of your things.

Once paired with your phone, you can double tap the ‘e’ and it will ring your phone, even if it’s on silent. The tiny speakers now play sound up to 90 decibels, making it even easier to find.

Tannus Tyres

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Tannus make solid tyres for bicycles. I’ve often wondered if these existed, and apparently Tannus currently offer the best on the market. Getting a puncture in a tyre is not that big a deal on most road bikes, but on a Brompton it’s a real pain to change the inner tube on the small wheels. They come in a variety of colours and treads to fit most wheel sizes, and you can use them on your existing rims.

Reviews are mixed, the pro’s obviously being that they are maintenance free. Apparently they can be quite difficult to get on in the first place, but once they are will last up to 6000 miles. I have also read that they feel quite hard and have a much thinner profile than standard tyres, but I’d love to give them a go and see.

Policosmos Families

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Great little soft toys by Eleonora Castellarin and Moisés Hernández. The simplified shapes are really nice, as is the process, materials and the packaging! The Tropical and Polar families are available from PCM.

The Takedown Skillet

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The Takedown Skillet from Best Made Co. is a more unlikely piece of folding camping gear. Made in Britain(!), the handle is secured with two brass wingnuts.

Adirondack Folding Stool

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Nice folding camp stool from Japanese camping brand Adirondack. Made from a lightweight anodised aluminium frame, with a subtle grey nylon seat and webbing, it folds down small enough to slot into a daypack or go unnoticed until needed in the car boot. Available from Kinoko.

Silca HX-ONE

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As hex-key set’s go, this one from Silca is pretty nice. As well as eight common hex-key sizes from 2mm to 10mm, it comes with a magnetic adapter which turns the 6mm Hex Key into a ¼” socket drive which can fit any common ¼” driver bit. Included in the kit are the 6 most common Torx sizes, 2 Phillips-head and 2 flat-head drivers. All inside a lovely CNC’d beech box, available from Silca.

Crane Cookware

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Some nice cookware from Crane, a small, family owned cookware company making vitreous enamel sand-cast products in Picardie. There’s a nice factory video too, below.

BBC micro:bit

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In 1981 the BBC launched the BBC Micro, a series of programmable computers. Marketed as an educational device, 80 per cent of British schools owned a BBC Micro, and they are credited with transforming Britain into a computer-literate society.

Last month the BBC launched the BBC micro:bit – a handheld, programmable device designed as a creative means to teach children to code. The device will be distributed to one million 11-12 year old children across the UK in October.

The BBC micro:bit is designed as a beginner-level device to teach children to code and engage them with technology. The device features a built-in compass, motion detector, a series of red LED lights, five “rings” that allow users to connect the BBC micro:bit to external devices or sensors, bluetooth technology and two programmable buttons. The BBC micro:bit is fully customisable allowing the user, through basic coding, to tailor the device to meet their interests.

The shape and aesthetic design of the BBC micro:bit was created by Technology Will Save Us, a London-based technology company that specialises in creating interactive products that teach users basic coding. I’ve had a look at some of their kits before and they look great, this makes me wish I was about to start secondary school again and get hold of one myself!

Twig Chair


I’m not too sure about the other versions, but this chair by Nendo for Alias is quite nice.

Punkt MP01

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Punkt are set to release a simple (non-smart) mobile phone. There are few details about at the moment, but it follows the minimal design of their cordless phone and other products. For those looking for a no-frills device this looks pretty appealing!