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baggu duffel bag

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also new from baggu, this heavy weight canvas duffel for overnight packing with adjustable strap and an exterior pocket. available in four colours, direct from baggu.

adidas samba primeknit

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adidas have released the ‘samba primeknit’, the worlds first knitted football boot. the limited edition boots are the first to have an upper that is entirely knitted from heel-to-toe, providing a bespoke second-skin fit that retains the strength of a conventional pair of boots. high levels of flexibility and comfort are provided via the one-piece knitted upper; the yarns used to construct primeknit provide stability and strength equal to conventional boots. each yarn receives a high precision coating that guarantees water resistance even while playing on a wet pitch.

a couple of years ago nike released their knitted trainer design a few months before adidas caught up, and they are rumoured to be working on a similar football boot design, but it seems they’ve been beaten to this one.


silo collection

  • Silo-lamp-collection-by-Note-Design-Studio-for-Zero_dezeen_ban1
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note design studio have added a floor lamp and triple pendant to their silo collection for zero. the shape of the lamps, originally released as individual shades at last year’s stockholm design fair, are inspired by grain silos.


baggu 3D zips

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new from baggu, 3D zips come in three sizes. the larger size fits a pair of shoes, undergarments, gym clothes, craft supplies, kids stuff or anything else larger that needs a bag. medium holds cords and chargers, electronics, toys, beauty products, and the smallest holds travel-sized toiletries, make-up, school utensils, a gift, glasses, jewellery. available from baggu for $8, $10 and $12 each.

take time – aluminium

  • aluminum-take-time-watch-for-lexon-by-mathieu-lehanneur-db01
  • aluminum-take-time-watch-for-lexon-by-mathieu-lehanneur-db02
  • aluminum-take-time-watch-for-lexon-by-mathieu-lehanneur-db03
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mathieu lehanneur’s ‘take time’ watch for lexonorignally designed in 2012, has been updated to an aluminium version. a re-interpretation of the pocket watch, take time can be worn on the wrist or attached to a belt or bag.


w131 collection

  • Claesson-Koivisto-Rune-for-Wastberg_dezeen_ss
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claesson koivisto rune have extended their w131 range for wastberg to include table and floor lamp versions. like the original w131 pendant lamps, they’re made from cast aluminium in a range of colours with matching cables.


area tables

  • Area-tables-by-Note_dezeen_1ss
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  • Area-tables-by-Note_dezeen_2

these side tables are designed by note design studio for swedish brand fogia. launched during this years’ stockholm design week, they come in two sizes in a range of colours.



  • Form-Us-With-Love-founders-launch-BAUX-architectural-products-company-_dezeen_ss_12
  • Form-Us-With-Love-founders-launch-BAUX-architectural-products-company-_dezeen_ss_9
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  • Form-Us-With-Love-founders-launch-BAUX-architectural-products-company-_dezeen_ss_7
  • Form-Us-With-Love-founders-launch-BAUX-architectural-products-company-_dezeen_ss_2

a few of years ago i posted about träullit hexagons, a wall covering material designed by form us with love made from woodwool. made of spruce wood, cement and water, the sound-absorbent material also regulates heat and moisture. the product was well received but the company that produced them had trouble coping with the demand, so the designers started baux to handle distribution. the brand takes the material from the manufacturer, cuts it into six new shapes in two sizes and sprays them in six different colour palettes.


modulor table system

  • ckr-MODULOR-table-system-designboom04
  • ckr-MODULOR-table-system-designboom05-818x500
  • ckr-MODULOR-table-system-designboom02
  • ckr-MODULOR-table-system-designboom06

the ‘modulor’ table system by claesson koivisto rune is made of a few simple components that combine to create many different possibilities. the legs are extrusions which fit into a cast metal joint. similarly, the table skirt is an extrusion which connects to the same joint, adding strength and structure. the final component is a nicely detailed top.


e15 homewares

  • E15-unveils-wood-and-marble-home-accessory-collection_dezeen_ss_6
  • E15-unveils-wood-and-marble-home-accessory-collection_dezeen_ss_9
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  • E15-unveils-wood-and-marble-home-accessory-collection_dezeen_ss_2

furniture brand e15 have launched a range of homewares. the collection includes chopping boards, fruit bowls, trays and bookends made predominantly from oak and marble.