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pocket operators

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i’ve always loved the design of anything i see from teenage engineering, but can never justify buying anything by them for myself. their op-1 is a lovely looking thing, but i’m no musician so probably shouldn’t spend €800 on one. that looks set to change with their pocket operators, a collaboration with cheap monday. they come in three models; the po-12 “rhythm” drum machine, po-14 “sub” bass synth and po-16 “factory” melody synth. silicone ‘pro cases’ are also available for each of them.

for a look at them in action, see these videos. the micro-synthesizers cost a mere €59 each. i can definitely justify that!

google project ara

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google’s project ara is a modular smartphone platform. i remember a couple of years ago seeing dave hakkens’ project, as well as prototypes from motorola, but the idea is definitely no longer ‘just a concept’. i really like the idea of a modular phone, where components can be swapped in and out with ease. if your battery is dying, you could just swap it for a new one. your screen cracks, you only need to replace that part, not the whole thing. i look forward to trying one out in the near future.

lacie mirror

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lacie’s latest hard drive design is something a little different. designed by pauline deltour, the surround is a mirrored surface, protected by gorilla glass. it sits at an angle in an ebony wood stand, quite a unique product in this area of the market.


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some nice, minimal details on this adjustable side table, designed by studio irvine for offect.

unit portables updates

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unit portables have updated their range since i last looked, with some nice improvements on small details. the front and inside of the bag features strips of heavy duty material with loops across each strip. these strips allow for smaller units to be attached using solid poppers to hold them in place, allowing you to add, remove and fully customise it.

as well as the shoulder bag (pictured), there is a tablet bag, overnight bag, backpack, and messenger bag, all using the same modular system.

sigg hot and cold

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the latest addition to sigg’s range is a line of thermo bottles. made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel, the bottles keep beverages hot (or cold) for hours thanks to their double-walled vacuum insulation. the bottle’s shape and screw top are reminiscent of original sigg bottles, and are available in four sizes: 0.3l, 0.5l, 0.75l and 1l. the two smaller sizes have a removable tea filter, the two larger sizes have an attachable cup included, and everything is easily dis-assembled for simple cleaning.

oji & design

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some nice new things on the oji & design website since i last visited. my favourites are the cast brass objects manufactured by futagami, including trivets, paperweights and cutlery rest.

w151 shades

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i like ckr’s new shades for wästberg, they’re massive! made from spun aluminium, the widest of the three conical shades is over a meter in diameter.


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mahabis set out to redesign the slipper, whilst retaining some key characteristics of the classic model. their design includes a detachable sole, adding both form and function. the slipper has a felt upper with a wool mix liner, available in a light or dark grey, and a cushioned soft heel that can be worn up or down. the soles are made from an abrasion and water resistant rubber, available in six colours. these look perfect for me, i just need to decide on a colour combination! available to buy from mahabis, with or without soles, £49 per pair.


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freitag, the swiss brand known for their bags and accessories made from recycled tarpaulins, have developed a new material called it f-abric. after five years of development, it uses textiles produced in europe constructed from european bast fibers, robust and yet 100% compostable. the only part that is not compostable is the metal button, but they’ve made sure this is easy to remove if needed, a nice little detail. read more about the process and see the whole range here.