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I like the range of colours on these pots. Terra.cotto is a new range of terracotta cookware from Sambonet, available from Fitszu.


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i like these trays by steffen kehrle. they come in ‘two halves’ or ‘three thirds versions’, in oak or ash in a variety of colours. available from stattmann neue moebel.

patch tables

  • Note-Patch-Tables-with-Norm-Architects-for-Menu-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_784_0
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these coffee and side tables are a collaboration by note design studio and norm architects, for menu. the mix-and-match marble surfaces sit on top of minimal steel frames, available in three sizes to be used alone or in combinations themselves.


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some nice details on the bouroullecs’ new collection for artek, particularly the shelving brackets.

stokke austad acoustic panels

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i’ve noticed a fair few acoustic panel designs recently; i posted about baux panels last week and then came across these, by stokke austad. where these panels differ though, is in their materials. designed for g.u., each one uses a selection of different fabrics combined with various other materials including mirrors, polished brass and stone.


  • Bollard-Lamp-by-Shane-Schneck-for-Menu-_dezeen_ban
  • Bollard-Lamp-by-Shane-Schneck-for-Menu-lifestyle_dezeen_sq
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one nice product i saw at maison & objet a couple of weeks ago was shane schneck’s new lamp for menu. made from silicone with an led light source, the lamp can used in four different positions thanks to a small slot and notch in the body.

smaller objects

  • Smaller-Objects-by-Claesson-Koivisto-Rune_dezeen_784_9
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claesson koivisto rune have launched smaller objects, a new brand focussed on homewares. the first collection consists of eight products; the ‘metropolis’ pillow,  ‘longboard’ serving tray, ‘marfa light’ garden torch, ‘stockholm new’ house numbers, ‘bisque’ tea light holder, ‘over easy’ chopping board, ‘cold coasters’, and ‘parsley, sage rosemary and thyme’ herb pots.

lapka + project ara

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a couple of weeks ago i posted about google’s project ara, a modular smartphone platform. san francisco studio lapka were tasked to come up with a series of modules influenced by the exploration of the body network and personal environments. from blood and urine to radiation and carbon monoxide sensors, lapka imagined seven modules based on their current product line up, and they look great! this is just the kind of thing that makes this project so exciting.


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new from wästberg is the w152 lamp by industrial facility. as well as an led light source, the lamp features three usb sockets for charging other devices. with two different head options that can both rotate 360 degrees, it can also be supplied free-standing with a base or built into a surface.


  • Note-Design-Studio-Elements-lamps-Zero_dezeen_ss_6
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elements is a new lamp designed by note design studio for zero. the minimal shades come in floor, table, pendant and wall-mounted versions, with a range of pastel colours available for the fabric.