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Some nice colours and patterns in Patricia Urquiola’s Jellies collection for Kartell. Plates, bowls and tumblers as well as wall hooks, but for anyone that doesn’t know Kartell, they are all plastic, not glass.


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Much like her recent work for LaCie, Pauline Deltour’s Fine collection for Lexon is very different from anything else around in this area. The collection consists of a bluetooth speaker, a mobile phone charger, a card-holder and a USB memory stick. As the name suggests, the pieces are more like jewellery than electronics, with very feminine colours and shapes used. It’s nice to see someone doing things a bit differently!


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Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s latest offering for Vitra debuted in Milan last week. The Belleville collection consists of two tables and two chairs with frames made from black polyamide plastic, designed to be just as at home outdoors as indoors. the chairs are very elegant things, available with a choice of polypropylene, plywood or upholstered seats.

Wrap Sofa

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Hiroomi Tahara’s Wrap sofa once again uses rattan in an unexpected application. Like his Relations collection, the smooth curves look great in the material. How comfortable it is I cannot say, but it does look nice.


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Prolific studio Nendo have designed a suitcase for Italian brand Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano. The main shell is polycarbonate, a standard for suitcases, but the unique feature is the front, which is a softer fabric. Most suitcases have two halves, both of which are used as storage compartments, but this heavy lid then becomes unwieldy to open. This design takes into account that end-users often access the inside of their baggage while on-the-go, so depending on how the zipper is undone the lid can unroll in two different ways. It has some nice details, and a nice range of colours too.

Topo Mountain Pack

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I posted about Topo when I came across them last year, I really like their wild use of colour. The mountain pack is one of their newer designs, a do-it-all pack as comfortable on climbs as on commutes. Available for $189 from Topo.

Ikea Wireless Charging

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Ikea will soon launch a range of products that feature wireless charging technology. Induction charging has been around a long time in things like electric toothbrushes, and there are plenty of mobile devices launched in the last couple of years that use it too. Ikea getting involved might be the thing to really push it to the masses though, short of Apple making it standard. I’m not too keen on the shades they’ve chosen but the bases are nice, minimal things.


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I like these shelves by Kyuhyung Cho for Menu. Simple, geometric, and a nice choice of colour combinations.


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I like the range of colours on these pots. Terra.cotto is a new range of terracotta cookware from Sambonet, available from Fitszu.


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i like these trays by steffen kehrle. they come in ‘two halves’ or ‘three thirds versions’, in oak or ash in a variety of colours. available from stattmann neue moebel.