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geometry daily

geometry daily is a blog that updates with a new minimal geometric composition every day. everything is done digitally in vector and bitmap design software. a nice bit of inspiration!

moleskine smart notebook

moleskine has teamed up with evernote to create pocket-sized notebooks capable of transforming text into digital files. the iphone and ipad app works together with a notebook that has a specially designed dotted pattern on each page, optimized to work alongside it.

an interesting combination that i think would work well for some people. check out the video (above) for a more in-depth description of how it works. the notebooks will be available from moleskine on the 25th of September for £19.99.

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these wooden blocks by brighton-based miller goodman look great. consiting of 25 rubberwood cubes that have been hand screen-printed, you can create countless different faces with them.

available for £32 from shhhop.



i really enjoyed this animation, shown before track cycling events during london 2012. the velodrome, designed by hopkins architects, was by far my favourite venue designed for the olympics, and i imagine this animation really got the crowd going before events.
the animation is by crystal cg, and the music is by the chemical brothers.

papafoxtrot club sports stadiums

continuing the sports theme, i like these football stadiums from postler-ferguson (the guys behind these great model ships). the die-cut card stadiums are designed to go on your wall, and feature the giuseppe meazza in milan, emirates in london and westfalenstadion in dortmund.

if they could do white hart lane and the amex next that’d be great!


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17 days of summer

17 Days of Summer by Jordon Cheung

london 2012 is almost at an end, and it has been great! this print by jordon cheung features some of the equipment used in the various sports.

Designing anything linked to the games is very restrictive, so I opted not to include any official branding

the prints are available from fab.

17 Days of Summer by Jordon Cheung

17 Days of Summer by Jordon Cheung

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the reflections range

The Reflection Range by Kim Thome at Show RCA 2012

these furniture pieces use bright graphic patterns and two-way mirrored glass to create optical illusions, by kim thome.

Such a semi-transparent and reflective material is manipulated by naturally illuminated shapes in the fore and background of the piece in such a way that the graphic aesthetic becomes something of a relational experience with the viewer.
The objects change at the viewer’s discretion, as perspective, movement and light affect the experience every element.

The Reflection Range by Kim Thome at Show RCA 2012The Reflection Range by Kim Thome at Show RCA 2012

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snug magnets

simple, colourful, geometric magnets from snugstudio. i like them!


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15 nations fall


with euro 2012 now in full swing, illustrator lee‘s ongoing ’15 nations fall’ project deconstructs each nations badge as they are knocked out of the competition. it’s a great collection, and highlights how well designed some nations badges are in the first place.

head to the site to see the rest of the collection as it grows, and let’s hope england stay off it for as long as possible!




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crumpled city maps

i really like these crumpled city maps from palomar. i enjoy using physical maps (rather than digital ones), but they can often be cumbersome to carry around. these ones are super-light, waterproof, and can be scrunched up and crammed in your pocket with ease.

there are 31 cities in total, which can be bought singly or in sets. similar to the wallpaper city guides, they look great! available from palomar, for €10.80 each.

Crumpled City 31 packs