washi shades

  • Bi-Color-Washi-lamp-by-Nendo_dezeen_ss6
  • Bi-Color-Washi-lamp-by-Nendo_dezeen_ss5
  • Bi-Color-Washi-lamp-by-Nendo_dezeen_ss7
  • Bi-Color-Washi-lamp-by-Nendo_dezeen_ss8
  • Bi-Color-Washi-lamp-by-Nendo_dezeen_ss4
  • Bi-Color-Washi-lamp-by-Nendo_dezeen_ss3

these lamp shades by nendo are made from washi, a type of fibrous paper made using a process involving mulberry pulp and water. i like the contrast of the controlled, soft form at the top and the rough, unfinished edges at the bottom. the material also gives a nice glow on the outside as well as a more focussed light from the underside.

contour keyring

  • 1a
  • 1b
  • 1c

nice brass keyrings designed by karl zahn. crafted from 10-gauge brass wire with a minimal screw clasp, available from ode to things.

ruutu vases

  • Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_8
  • Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_2
  • Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_3
  • Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_6


i like these diamond-shaped vases, by the bouroullec’s for iittala. there are five sizes in seven tones in the collection, making for some nice combinations and arrangements. the video, below, shows part of the manufacturing process and thought behind the collection.


bike whistle

  • whistle_red
  • whistle_black1
  • whistle_white
  • whistle_red3
  • whistle_black

another new addition for bookman is this bike whistle, another unexpected addition to the range after the cup holder released earlier this year. a collaboration with acme whistles of birmingham, a company that have been making whistles since 1870.

the technology is based on acme’s tornado whistle, engineered through the principle of wave interference – meaning it can produce a highpitched, high volume sound without the need for any moving parts. the shape of the whistle also prevents it from being pushed into the wearer’s mouth in case of a fall. the nylon neckband comes tied with a safety break free knot. It sits securely around your neck but if you pull it off with a quick snap, the knot will break.

available in three colours, €15 from bookman.

tratti tiles

  • Tratti-tiles-by-Inga-Sempe-for-Mutina_dezeen_784_6
  • Tratti-tiles-by-Inga-Sempe-for-Mutina_dezeen_784_0
  • Tratti-tiles-by-Inga-Sempe-for-Mutina_dezeen_784_7
  • Tratti-tiles-by-Inga-Sempe-for-Mutina_dezeen_784_2
  • Tratti-tiles-by-Inga-Sempe-for-Mutina_dezeen_784_3
  • Tratti-tiles-by-Inga-Sempe-for-Mutina_dezeen_784_5
  • Tratti-tiles-by-Inga-Sempe-for-Mutina_dezeen_784_8

nice new range of tiles by inga sempé for mutina. tratti is a collection in eight patterns that can be used individually or in any combination to create various compositions.


  • yellowellabackground
  • plainsofaella

a nice new collection by bethan gray for workhouse. manufactured entirely in great britain, the ella sofa is available in with a plain back or diamond back with simple or more decorative legs, giving a nice contemporary or modern choice.

muji electronics 2014

  • s_all
  • 4547315236688_1260
  • 4547315236671_1260
  • oven03
  • juicer01
  • juicer03

there’s some really nice new appliances in muji’s 2014 electronics collection, including a range of fridges, microwaves and toaster ovens, which sit perfectly with the minimalist ethos of the brand. alongside these there is a toaster, kettle, rice cooker and juicer with a softer, curvier aesthetic. all of them seem reasonably priced, however they are almost certainly only available in japan, which is a shame for anyone not living there. you can see the whole range on the muji 2014 electronics page.

lumber dining table

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  • 1d
  • 1c
  • 1f


i like this dining table by jamie mclellan, with some really nice joinery and minimal detailing. made from two slabs of book-matched sapele held in place by the central brace that is exposed through the top.

grip candlesticks & groove trivets

  • Muuto-Autumn-Winter-2014-collection_dezeen_784_7
  • Muuto-Autumn-Winter-2014-collection_dezeen_468_10
  • Muuto-Autumn-Winter-2014-collection_dezeen_784_8
  • Muuto-Autumn-Winter-2014-collection_dezeen_468_9


some nice new additions in muuto’s autumn range of homewares and furniture. my favourites are the ‘grip’ candlesticks by jens fager and the ‘groove’ trivets by hallgeir homstvedt.

rotary trays

  • Jasper_Morrison_furniture_for_Vitra_dezeen_784_1
  • Jasper_Morrison_furniture_for_Vitra_dezeen_784_2
  • Jasper_Morrison_furniture_for_Vitra_dezeen_784_3
  • Jasper_Morrison_furniture_for_Vitra_dezeen_784_0

a new addition for vitra are the rotary trays by jasper morrison. comprised of two tiers, the top level rotates around the offset stand.