Picardie 70

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To celebrate 70 years of the Picardie glass by Duralex5.5 designstudio have envisioned 70 accessories and attachments to enhance them. It’s a bit of fun with some working better than others, but each of the designs are available as digital files so that anyone can 3D print them for their own personal use. Head to 5.5’s site to see them all.

Retegui Collection

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French marble mason Retegui have released a range of designs by Jean Louis Iratzoki and Sylvain Willenz. The ‘Bigun’ coffee table by Iratzoki is a nice contrast of soft upholstery with a thin marble surface. The ‘Alaka’ shelves, mirrors and coat hooks by Willenz are linked by bevelled edges and soft radiused corners.

Cloud Vases

  • Drawing-limited-edition-with-Cloud-Vases-Ronan-Erwan-Bouroullec_dezeen_784_7
  • Drawing-limited-edition-with-Cloud-Vases-Ronan-Erwan-Bouroullec_dezeen_784_5
  • Drawing-limited-edition-with-Cloud-Vases-Ronan-Erwan-Bouroullec_dezeen_784_3

These vases were designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec as a limited edition to sit alongside one of their books. I imagine the thinking behind the ruutu vases was fresh in their minds when working on these, the tessellating shapes and different heights combining together. In black-enamelled ceramic though the effect is something a bit different.

Topo Light Hip Pack

Sam Son

  • Sam-Son-chair-by-Konstantin-Grcic_Magis_dezeen_ban
  • Sam-Son-chair-by-Konstantin-Grcic_Magis_dezeen_468_sq
  • Sam-Son-chair-by-Konstantin-Grcic_Magis_dezeen_468_2

Konstantin Grcic’s latest design for Magis is something a little different. The cartoony Sam Son chair is available in four colours and is for indoor or outdoor use.

LED Lightbulb Speaker


Sony have unveiled an LED lightbulb that doubles as a bluetooth speaker. There have been a few smartphone-controlled lightbulbs released in the last couple of years, and bluetooth speakers are everywhere, so I suppose this was inevitable. The bulb simply screws into a socket and connects wirelessly to your network. It will be released in Japan on 23 May for ¥23,880 ($199 / £130).


  • Clerici-Chair_Konstantin-Grcic_dezeen_ban2
  • Clerici-Chair_Konstantin-Grcic_dezeen_sqa
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  • Clerici-Chair_Konstantin-Grcic_dezeen_468_1
  • Clerici-Chair_Konstantin-Grcic_dezeen_468_2

Konstantin Grcic’s latest designs for Mattiazzi is a collection of wooden benches and chairs. What is usual when most design studios work with a manufacturer with access to 5-axis CNC technology are organic shapes and flowing joins, such as Mattiazzi’s offerings by the Bouroullec’s or Industrial Facility. I quite like this collection’s use of flat planes and angles.

Offset Frame Chair

  • Offset-frame-chair_Nendo_dezeen_784_15
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  • Offset-frame-chair_Nendo_dezeen_784_14

The Offset Frame chair by Nendo for Kokuyo is a nice example of one plastic shell being used on a range of bases to create a minimal yet varied collection. The frame is available in three colours and eight different styles, and the shell in six colours as well as with fabric or leather covers. The key detail is at the back where the shell does not quite meet the frame, providing a handle to pull the chair in and out or a rail to hang things off.

Feat Sock Co

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Great looking socks from Feat Sock Co., featuring a range of colourful and serene landscapes. Discovered on one of my favourite blogs!

Topo Cinch Tote

  • topo_designs_cinch_tote_turquoise_grande
  • topo_designs_cinch_tote_charcoal_grande
  • topo_designs_cinch_tote_side_pockets_grande
  • topo_designs_cinch_tote_removeable_strap_grande


Topo continue to add to their range with the addition of the cinch tote. Made from durable CORDURA®, it’ll hold up to dirty floors and being tossed in the trunk. Fully lined with nylon pack cloth the tote has a cinch top that allows you to secure your items inside, or leave it down for easy access.