Offset Frame Chair

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The Offset Frame chair by Nendo for Kokuyo is a nice example of one plastic shell being used on a range of bases to create a minimal yet varied collection. The frame is available in three colours and eight different styles, and the shell in six colours as well as with fabric or leather covers. The key detail is at the back where the shell does not quite meet the frame, providing a handle to pull the chair in and out or a rail to hang things off.

Feat Sock Co

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Great looking socks from Feat Sock Co., featuring a range of colourful and serene landscapes. Discovered on one of my favourite blogs!

Topo Cinch Tote

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Topo continue to add to their range with the addition of the cinch tote. Made from durable CORDURA®, it’ll hold up to dirty floors and being tossed in the trunk. Fully lined with nylon pack cloth the tote has a cinch top that allows you to secure your items inside, or leave it down for easy access.

F512 Voyager

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The F512 Voyager is the new ‘travel rucksack’ from Freitag. As with their other luggage, each one is unique, cut from individual used and recycled truck tarpaulins. With a 33 litre capacity, two handles as well as shoulder straps, and water resistant zippable closure.


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aiaiai have introduced a modular headphone to their collection. the TMA-2 has been developed from the popular TMA-1, and lets you create your own personalised headphone from a framework of elements, including the speaker unit, headband, earpad and cable, which can be connected or combined in up to 360 different ways.

available to build and buy from aiaiai starting at around £100.


  • Olio-collection-by-Barber-and-Osgerby-for-Royal-Doulton_dezeen_468_8
  • Olio-collection-by-Barber-and-Osgerby-for-Royal-Doulton_dezeen_784_8
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Barber Osgerby have designed a collection for one of Britain’s oldest ceramics companies, Royal Doulton. Called Olio, meaning miscellaneous, the collection consists of 40 objects including cutlery, serving platters, and a full set of crockery.


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  • Officina-chair-by-Ronan-and-Erwan-Bouroullec_dezeen_468_12
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  • Officina-chair-by-Ronan-and-Erwan-Bouroullec_dezeen_468_3

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have expanded their Officina collection for Magis, first shown last year. What really makes these different is the use of wrought iron in a domestic environment. A modern chair made with an ancient technique.


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Some nice colours and patterns in Patricia Urquiola’s Jellies collection for Kartell. Plates, bowls and tumblers as well as wall hooks, but for anyone that doesn’t know Kartell, they are all plastic, not glass.


  • fine-collection-pauline-deltour-lexon-designboom02
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Much like her recent work for LaCie, Pauline Deltour’s Fine collection for Lexon is very different from anything else around in this area. The collection consists of a bluetooth speaker, a mobile phone charger, a card-holder and a USB memory stick. As the name suggests, the pieces are more like jewellery than electronics, with very feminine colours and shapes used. It’s nice to see someone doing things a bit differently!


  • Hybrid-Belleville-chair-by-Bouroullec_dezeen_468_3
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Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s latest offering for Vitra debuted in Milan last week. The Belleville collection consists of two tables and two chairs with frames made from black polyamide plastic, designed to be just as at home outdoors as indoors. the chairs are very elegant things, available with a choice of polypropylene, plywood or upholstered seats.