Ableton Push 2

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I’m not a musician, but I want the new Push from Ableton. Like Teenage Engineering’s instruments it’s just a beautiful looking piece of kit. Push is an instrument that (among other things) allows you to sample, splice, make beats and play notes and chords. There are plenty of videos showing it in action on their site.

Muji Cabins

  • Muji-huts_Jasper-Morrison_dezeen_1568_0
  • Muji-huts_Jasper-Morrison_dezeen_1568_1
  • Muji-Huts_Konstantin-Grcic_dezeen_1568_0
  • Muji-Huts_Konstantin-Grcic_dezeen_1568_2
  • Muji-Huts_Naoto-Fukasawa_dezeen_1568_0
  • Muji-Huts_Naoto-Fukasawa_dezeen_1568_1

For Tokyo Design Week Muji commissioned Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison and Konstantin Grcic to design a hut to “escape the hustle and bustle of the city”. The wood (Fukasawa), cork (Morrison) and aluminium (Grcic) huts are all very different but beautifully detailed.

Totte Plates

  • nendo_totte-plate_designboom_003
  • nendo_totte-plate_designboom_013
  • nendo_totte-plate_designboom_012
  • nendo_totte-plate_designboom_002
  • nendo_totte-plate_designboom_001


Nendo have designed a range of plates and bowls for by | n featuring a small handle for carrying or hanging. I’m not sure about the practicality of these but they’re a nice range of colours!

Hudway Glass

  • 0c394aba0c5f884385d4bafe6c6166a9_original
  • HUDWAY-Glass-Car-Heads-Up-Display

Another project I stumbled upon on Kickstarter was Hudway Glass, a heads-up-display accessory for your car. Lots of cars offer their own heads-up-display options but at a very high cost, but this accessory allows drivers to use their own smartphone and a simple app to add the functionality to any vehicle. Because HUD’s don’t require the driver to look down and then back up again, they are thought to increase attention and therefore safety of drivers.


  • FORMcard-bioplastic_Peter-Marigold_Kickstarter_dezeen_936_17
  • FORMcard-bioplastic_Peter-Marigold_Kickstarter_dezeen_936_0
  • FORMcard-bioplastic_Peter-Marigold_Kickstarter_dezeen_936_4
  • FORMcard-bioplastic_Peter-Marigold_Kickstarter_dezeen_936_9

Peter Marigold’s FORMcard is pocket-sized card of strong, meltable bioplastic that can be used to make, fix, and modify objects. The product is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The premise will be familiar to anyone that’s ever used Sugru (I am a big fan), but the difference with this is that it is re-mouldable. I don’t think the two products need to compete, but rather complement each other; different tools for different jobs!

TOPO x Giro

  • DISCORD_Matte-Olive-Topo_BLOK_Yellow-Topo-2_cc34cf74-61cb-4791-b0a5-f6a9e9f38c58_grande
  • IMG_0230_5863044e-2dca-4c1d-a4ad-b1c3cf7f46cd_grande
  • EDIT_Matte-Navy-Topo_CONTACT_Navy-Topo_2f049024-622c-492d-b921-91ef729f9cab_grande
  • Giro_H_EDIT_Matte-Navy-Topo_1_e4ebf44f-90b2-4793-9b8a-0bf9102c34cf_grande


Topo, designers of brightly coloured luggage, have teamed up with Giro for a great looking collection of helmets and goggles.

The Corridor Bicycle

  • bike_cityliving_00
  • bike_cityliving_01
  • bike_cityliving_02

David Roman Lieshout’s Corridor Bicycle is designed to fit into small spaces. The handles and pedals both fold in at 90 degrees and the curve in the top tube allows you to comfortably put it on your shoulder for carrying up stairs, or hang it to the wall.


  • Beeline_Photos_002_Packshot
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  • Beeline_Photos_022_Turning_7501
  • Beeline_Photos_010_Carrying
  • Beeline_Photos_001_Range

Beeline is a navigation device designed by Map. It gives the cyclist the direct distance and direction of their destination but allows them to find their own way there, a concept called ‘fuzzy navigation’. The device connects to the riders phone via bluetooth to enable a smart compass functionality. Then, using a smartphone app, riders set their chosen destination and waypoints before setting off.

It’s a very different kind of idea for cycle navigation and a nice, minimal looking product too. You can support the project on Kickstarter (where it has already well exceeded it’s funding goal!).


  • Bouroullec-brothers_Rombini-tile-collection_Mutina_dezeen_1568_5
  • Bouroullec-brothers_Rombini-tile-collection_Mutina_dezeen_1568_7
  • Bouroullec-brothers_Rombini-tile-collection_Mutina_dezeen_1568_3
  • Bouroullec-brothers_Rombini-tile-collection_Mutina_dezeen_1568_6
  • Bouroullec-brothers_Rombini-tile-collection_Mutina_dezeen_936_51

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have a new tile collection for Mutina called ‘Rombini’. Like their first collection, Pico, the tiles play with depth and texture, and come in a great selection of muted colours.

This blog is getting overloaded with posts about the French brothers but their work has been consistently great recently.

EDC Keyring

  • key-hook-brass-grid-A3_3_1000x1000_90
  • grovemade-steel-key-hook-galb-DB1_1200x1200_90
  • grovemade-black-key-hook-galb-B1_1200x1200_90
  • grovemade-black-key-hook-galb-CB1_1200x1200_90

Nice little keyring from Grovemade, a combination hook and bottle opener. Available in brass, stainless steel and black-oxide stainless steel.